1000-Lb Sisters’: Are tammy Willingham and Caleb Still Together?


The reality TV show “1000-Lb Sisters” has gained a massive following since its debut in 2020. The show follows the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton, two sisters from Kentucky who are on a weight loss journey together. While the show primarily focuses on Amy and Tammy, another couple, Tammy Willingham and her boyfriend Caleb, have also gained attention from fans. However, fans are curious about their current relationship status. Are Tammy Willingham and Caleb still together? Let’s find out.

Who are Tammy Willingham and Caleb?

Tammy Willingham is a close friend of Amy and Tammy Slaton, and she has appeared on “1000-Lb Sisters” since season 1. Tammy was introduced on the show as a supporter of the sisters’ weight loss journey, and fans quickly grew to love her bubbly personality and positive attitude.

Caleb, on the other hand, was introduced to the show in season 2 as Tammy’s boyfriend. Fans were excited to see Tammy in a relationship and were happy to see her being loved and supported by someone who cared about her.

Tammy and Caleb’s Relationship on “1000-Lb Sisters”

As of March 2023, Tammy and Caleb are still together. Fans of “1000-Lb Sisters” got to see Tammy and Caleb’s relationship develop on the show. Throughout season 2, viewers watched as the couple went on a date to a local fair, and they even talked about getting married and starting a family.

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However, their relationship hit a bump in the road when Tammy’s health took a turn for the worse. Tammy was hospitalized after developing an infection and was unable to leave the hospital for several weeks. During that time, Caleb was by her side, showing his love and support for her.

Eventually, Tammy was released from the hospital, and Caleb helped her with her recovery. Despite the challenges they faced, it seemed like Tammy and Caleb’s relationship was stronger than ever.

Are Tammy and Caleb Still Together?

As of 2023, it’s unclear if Tammy Willingham and Caleb are still together. While the couple has not publicly announced a breakup, they have also not shared any updates about their relationship on social media.

Tammy’s social media pages have been relatively quiet since the end of “1000-Lb Sisters” season 3, with only a few posts about her health and wellbeing. Caleb’s social media pages, on the other hand, have been active, but he has not shared any recent photos or updates about Tammy.

It’s possible that Tammy and Caleb are still together and are just keeping their relationship private. Alternatively, they may have decided to end their relationship but have not made a public announcement about it.

What Could Have Led to a Breakup?

If Tammy and Caleb did break up, there could be a variety of reasons why. One possibility is the strain that Tammy’s health issues may have had on their relationship. Tammy has been open about her struggles with weight and related health issues, and her hospitalization in season 2 was a serious reminder of the challenges she faces.

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Another possibility is the pressure that comes with being in the public eye. “1000-Lb Sisters” has millions of viewers, and Tammy and Caleb’s relationship was scrutinized by fans and critics alike. This kind of attention can be stressful and may have played a role in any issues the couple may have faced.

Finally, it’s possible that Tammy and Caleb simply grew apart. Relationships can be challenging, and couples may find that they are no longer compatible as time goes on.


In conclusion, the relationship between Tammy Slaton and Caleb Still on “1000-Lb Sisters” has been a source of controversy and speculation among fans of the show. While the couple initially appeared to be in a committed and supportive relationship, recent events have raised questions about the status of their relationship.

Tammy’s recent weight gain and health issues have put a strain on her relationship with Caleb, and the couple has been seen arguing and disagreeing on the show. Additionally, rumors and allegations of infidelity have been circulating on social media, further fueling speculation about the couple’s relationship status.

While it’s unclear whether Tammy and Caleb are still together, it’s important to remember that the couple’s relationship is ultimately their own business. While fans may be invested in their relationship and want to know more, it’s important to respect their privacy and allow them to make their own decisions.

It’s also important to remember that reality TV shows like “1000-Lb Sisters” often manipulate storylines and edit footage to create drama and tension for viewers. While the show may make it seem like Tammy and Caleb’s relationship is on the rocks, it’s possible that things are not as they appear on screen.

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Overall, fans of the show should focus on supporting Tammy and Caleb in their weight loss journeys and in their personal lives, rather than speculating on the status of their relationship. It’s important to remember that the individuals on the show are real people with real emotions and experiences, and they deserve to be treated with respect.

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