2023 Indian Pursuit Elite a limited edition bagger in Super Graphite Metallic



Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like the year’s already seen a fair number of special edition motorcycles already. Here’s another for those who like their wheels in pairs and not available to everyone: The 2023 Indian Pursuit Elite and 2023 Indian Chieftain Elite. They join the three-strong Elite range that’s been with us since 2018 and also includes the Challenger Elite. All are upgraded versions of standard Indians, redressed in custom paint schemes and premium equipment from the factory. They’re also capped at tiny numbers for global consumption, this year’s Pursuit Elite getting just 150 examples off the line, the Chieftain Elite just 175. 

The Pursuit Elite bagger wears Super Graphite Metallic as a primary color, contrasted with Shadow Bronze accents and color-matched badges. With the standard Pursuit Limited as its base, the frame cradles a 108-cubic-inch, liquid-cooled V-twin making 122 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. The feature set includes a preload-adjustable Fox rear shock controlled from the infotainment system’s seven-inch screen, backlit switches, heated and adjustable seats, and LED lighting. A few items from the options sheet on serial production Pursuit Limiteds come standard here, such as the Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit that manages the Smart Lean system’s power delivery and braking, and PowerBand audio pumped through 13 speakers.

The Chieftain Elite tourer gets a Super Graphite Smoke paint job offset by Shadow Bronze chrome accents. The bike’s usual Thunderstroke 116 V-twin sits in the frame rails, but a new ten-spoke machined front wheel sits between the front fork. A tinted windshield can be raised and lowered for wow factor from the front, LED lighting from front to back including saddlebag LED lights pleases the crowd from the sides. The seven-inch infotainment appears here as well, plus backlit switches, PowerBand audio, keyless ignition and remote-locking saddlebags. 

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The Pursuit Elite starts at $39,999 before destination and an $800 commodities surcharge. Superficially, that’s a $9,000 premium over the Pursuit Limited in basic black. Sounds healthy, but know that Indian doesn’t play around when it comes to options, charging $1,500 for the Maroon Metallic/Crimson Metallic paint combo and $2,260 for PowerBand Audio Plus that comes on the Elite, so prices add up quickly. The Chieftain Elite starts $35,499. Both bikes will begin shipping to dealers this spring.

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