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5 Features of Washing Machines You Never Knew

by The Custom Boxes
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Whether you have one at home or must visit a laundromat, washing machines are necessary. There is no way to avoid using one of these machines unless you want to hand-wash your clothes and bedding for hours every day. 

Most people put their clothes in the washing machine, add detergent, and let the machine do the rest. However, washing machines are more fascinating than most of us realize. 

Here are five features of washing machines you never knew: 

  1. Load Detection/ Fuzzy Logic

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Load monitoring means that a washing machine has special sensors that track the weight distribution of the clothes you load. LG twin washing machine weighs the load in the drum and automatically selects the best wash for the job. 

The washer can then use the precise water required to clean your clothes. This reduces waste, your water bill, and your energy consumption all at the same time. 

  1. Quiet Operation

The way you do laundry will change if you have a quiet washer. Instead of being limited to daylight hours to avoid disturbing a sleeping child or distracting from evening television, a virtually silent machine will allow you to run laundry whenever convenient. Quiet washers are a luxury in small spaces such as apartments or shared homes. 

Set your washer and dryer to do the laundry overnight and wake up to a clean load. Machines designed to run at a lower volume allow you to start a load of laundry at any time without disturbing your roommates. This feature is available on the majority of modern washing machines. 

  1. Time Delay and Pre-soak

modern Washing Machines


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Because of the time delay, you can load the washing machine and start it later. You can delay the start of your wash cycle so it runs at night when there is a lower energy tariff or while you are away from home. This is helpful if you want to avoid noise at specific times. 

The presoak feature allows you to soak your clothes for a set time before starting the wash cycle. Tougher stains can be easily removed this way. 

  1. Child Lock

This is a critical safety feature for families with young children. Most models have a lock that prevents access to the machine’s controls. Your kids pay more attention to your daily chores than you think, and they know exactly which button to press to start the machine, which can be disastrous if it’s in the middle of a cycle. 

  1. Memory Wash

Washing machines are becoming more intelligent, and they can now remember the settings you used for your last load of laundry and apply them to the next load. Some machines even allow you to program multiple cycles, making laundry as simple as pressing a single button. 

If you wash many of the same clothes, such as baby clothes, in hot water, this clever setting can be a real time saver while ensuring you don’t make any mistakes. This feature is invaluable for mothers who never seem to have enough hours to complete everything. 

Amazing Facts About Washing Machines 

fully automatic machine 

  • Kill Germs with Hot Water 

If someone has been sick in your home, many people will advise you to wash all their bed sheets, clothing, and so on. Please do not wash them in cold water (unless it is detrimental to the fabric). While cold water will do for a regular load of laundry, washing clothes and bed sheets in hot water will kill more germs. The heat kills the germs and reduces the likelihood of anyone else becoming ill. 

  • Vinegar Will Clean Your Machine 

Vinegar is the best option for a quick and thoroughly clean if your washing machine isn’t functioning correctly, especially if you live in an area with high calcium levels in the water. Place two cups of white vinegar in your washing machine without any clothes or detergent, and run a regular wash. After just one cycle, everything will be nice and clean! 

  • Responsible for Your Lost Socks 

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Have you ever considered how many socks you and your family throw away? Have some of them vanished? Some people believe your washing machine is to blame for most of the socks you lose. Some scientists have gone to the extent of devising a formula known as the Sock Loss Index to determine why this occurs. 

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Account for a Surprisingly Large Amount of Water Usage Washing machines was once responsible for approximately 22% of the water usage in an average household. This figure is likely to have shifted as technology has advanced. However, washing machines still use a lot more water than most believe, which is why it is essential to ensure you do full loads and remain economical with your washing habits. 


Considering these machines must be very expensive, consider how much it would cost to do your laundry at a laundromat. If you prefer hand washing, consider how much water, time, and energy is wasted to get clean clothes. 

Considering all these factors, you will realize that no money is too large to purchase a washing machine. Furthermore, with proper maintenance, these machines can last up to ten years. When you get one, you save time, effort, and money. Purchasing a washing machine is a worthwhile investment. 

New models are being developed that are more energy-efficient and effective. Some are pretty pricey, but they clean your clothes better than ever and are well worth the investment, especially considering how much time and energy you will save.