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5 Must-Have Accessories For Boardroom Conferences

by Mark Dylan
5 Must-Have Accessories For Boardroom Conferences

Bringing a boardroom to your fingertips has never been so easy. Thanks to the power of technology, you can now convene meetings from the comfort of your own home. And if that’s not convenient enough, these five accessories will make hosting those meetings a breeze. Each one of these accessories is essential for a successful boardroom meeting, so be sure to add them to your packing list before your next big meeting.

A Professional Speaker’s Briefcase

  1. A professional speaker’s briefcase is essential for any conference or speech. It should be large enough to fit all of the materials necessary for the presentation, but not so large that it becomes a hindrance.
  1. The briefcase should have a comfortable shoulder strap and multiple compartments to organize everything. It is also important to have a laptop sleeve and external hard drive holder so that the presenter can keep their work area organized while they are on stage.
  1. A bright, flashy bag will not only get in the way, but it will also make the speaker look unprofessional and out of place. Stick with a simple color scheme and go with a durable material that will hold up to wear and tear.

A Comfortable Chair

If you’re planning on hosting a boardroom conference, be sure to have the right accessories. A comfortable chair is essential for participants, and a desk that’s ergonomically designed can also make the experience more comfortable. Choose a chair with adjustable height and backrests that can support your spine. Also, consider a chair with lumbar support to reduce stress on your lower back. And, if you’re using a laptop during the meeting, select one that has a built-in stand so you can work comfortably. Finally, if you’ll be serving refreshments or snacks, make sure to have enough supplies and set up an easy buffet station.

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To find the right chair for your needs, consider using a chair surveys tool like the ones offered by OfficeMax or Staples. These tools can help you assess your specific needs and recommend the perfect chair for your boardroom conference.


Boardroom placemats are an important part of any boardroom setting. Boardroom placemat can help to create a sense of order and organization, and can also help to set the tone for the meeting. When choosing a boardroom placemat, it is important to consider the tone of the m

A Wireless Microphone

Meeting and the brand that you are wanting to associate with your space. For example, a business meeting might be more formal than a social gathering, so a placemat with images of legal documents might be appropriate. Alternatively, if you are hosting a party, then a placemat featuring party favors may be more appropriate. Whatever the occasion, make sure to choose a placemat that will complement your boardroom setting and help to create an enjoyable meeting experience for all involved.

If you’re heading to a boardroom conference and want to be able to take your presentations up a notch, consider bringing along a wireless microphone. There are a few different types of microphones that work best for this type of setting, so it’ll be important to choose the one that will best suit your needs.

Cordless microphones are the most popular type for boardroom conferences because they’re easy to use and don’t require any wiring. You just need to plug them in and start talking! They’re also great if you want to be able to move around while you’re presenting, as they don’t require any cords or batteries.

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However, cordless microphones can be difficult to carry around with you. If you plan on doing a lot of presentations at boardroom conferences, it might be worth investing in a traveling microphone instead. These mics typically have a built-in battery so they don’t need to be plugged in when you’re ready to use them. Plus, they usually come with a carrying case so they’re easier to transport.

If you don’t want to deal with any cords or batteries, there’s also the option of using an XLR microphone. These microphones are more expensive than either of the other two types but are definitely worth it if you want the highest quality sound possible for your presentations. Plus, they tend to be more reliable than the other two options and can last for years without needing any repairs or replacements.

A Power Strip

Adding a power strip to your conference supplies can make life much easier. Not only will you have more outlets available, but you’ll also be able to avoid running out of electricity mid-conference. Here are our top picks for the best power strips for boardroom conferences:

The Belkin SurgePlus 6-Port Power Strip is a great option if you need lots of outlets. It has six ports and can handle up to 6,000 Joules of surge protection, so you can be sure your devices will stay safe during a power outage.

The Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh Power Strip is another great option if you need a lot of outlets. It has 26 total ports and can handle up to 26,800mAh of charging power, which is enough to charge multiple devices at once. Plus, the strip has an LED light indicator so you know when it’s fully charged.

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If portability is important to you, the UNIQLO Extra Long 18-Inch Portable Dual USB Charging Station is a great option. It has two USB ports that are each 18 inches long, so it’ll reach just about anywhere in your office or home. Additionally, the station includes an LED light indicator so you know when it’s charging your devices.

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