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5 Reasons You Must Buy The Best Wetsuit Drying Rack From Malo’o Racks

by The Custom Boxes
Wetsuit Drying Rack

If we are not wrong, you are pretty familiar with the term wetsuit. Isn’t it? If not, we must inform you that it is a type of close-fitting garment made of rubber that comes in handy to keep your body warm when you participate in any water-related sports or diving. And you won’t believe that people who often go on outings make sure to have this product at their disposal due to its unique capabilities. Now the question comes, do you also like fishing, camping, or scuba diving to a great extent? If yes, you can’t deny buying a wetsuit for the given purposes. But, what if you have owned and used a wetsuit and don’t know how to prepare it for your next use? This could be a big problem. No? So, today we will make you learn about a new thing, i.e., a wetsuit drying rack.

So, what is it? It is a type of drying object using which you can air dry your wetsuit and make it ready for next use. Yes, you heard that right! The finest wetsuit drying rack we are talking about comes with two drying bars for wetsuits as well as hockey gear. That means you can hang your recently used clothes or fabrics on them as soon as possible so that they become ready to wear or even pack in your bag within a few hours. And once your wearables have become moisture-free, you are ready to go to your home or workplace from the outing activity spot. 

But, a query that might be running in your mind for quite some time is how to use a camping drying rack. Right? So, just for your information purposes, all you have to do is purchase this rack from one of the most trusted and popular outing products selling sites on the web, i.e., Malo’o Racks, and then hang it on the side view mirror of your four-wheeler for the perfect installation. However, if the shape or contour of your vehicle doesn’t allow this thing to happen. You can also use suction cups as alternative outings and then perfectly install the above-discussed rack on your favorite set of wheels. And post the rack installation work is done, you know what to do next. Right? Now, let’s have a thorough discussion on:

What Are Some Reasons To Place An Order For The Best Wetsuit Hanger?

  • Fast drying time

The first good-to-hear thing about the best wetsuit hanger is that it ensures making your wet possessions moisture-free too early than you can even think of. But, how does all this happen? Well, when the circulation of air around its drying bars increases due to increased airflow, it allows your outing gears to dry much faster than hanging your fabrics on any standard railing or tapping a traditional wetsuit ganger. So, once your wetsuit absorbs sufficient moisture after an adventurous session, please hang it on the above-discussed drying rack after the morning, and then you will find it dry for your afternoon session. What else? It is perfect for office parking lots or hockey-drying spaces.

  • No scratch

The next great thing about this wetsuit hanger is that it comes with heavy padding behind each hinge as well as on the top handle so that when you put the wetsuit holder on the side mirror of your car, the latter doesn’t get damaged by a long shot. To be specific, the outer body of your vehicle won’t get scratched by hook or by crook. However, if you face any trouble while installing this rack on your brand new car, like not fitting your SUV due to its specific contours, you can use the concerned rack with the help of suction cups. This alternative method works wonders in such situations.

  • Suitable for all outdoor adventures

If you are in doubt about whether you will be able to use this dry rack in the outing condition you are considering for some time or not, we can help clear your confusion immediately. But how? Well, we can give you an idea of the outing circumstances where you can take this clothes-drying object with you, such as:

  1. Scuba 
  2. Camping
  3. Hunting
  4. Fishing 
  5. Surfing 
  6. Snowboarding
  7. And many more activities as such!
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Simply mount this drying rack on your four-wheeler using the methods we described above and you are ready to go.  

  • The original patented product

Although you might find a myriad of sellers of a drying rack in the market, we must advise you not to partner with any of them for future purchases as the drying hangers designed by Malo’o Racks are the only original ones. Yes. They have genuinely patented their DryRack which hangs on the side-view mirror of any car. And do you know the best thing about this drying rack? If not, we must inform you that it is developed using heavy-duty materials and is padded from most sides. This is to prevent scratching on your four-wheeler in any way. Beyond that, this wetsuit drying rack can hold a much heavier load than you can ever imagine, i.e., 20lbs to 40lbs or 3 to 6 water-soaked wetsuits.

  • Compact and foldable

And last but not least, this wetsuit drying rack has other features too. Such as you can fold this wetsuit holder in half which will open sufficient space for easy storage and carrying purposes. And if that is not adequate for you, it is wise to open this wetsuit drying rack completely by pulling it out above the hinges. And, then you will be able to hang it from different places, like:

  1. Trees
  2. Roof racks
  3. Garage roofs
  4. And more!

The Last Note

So, did you find this content piece useful and knowledgeable at the same time? If yes, it is recommended to go and buy your favorite outing items now. You can do that by visiting the best adventurous products eCommerce store we mentioned above, i.e., Malo’o Racks.

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