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5 Types Of Shotgun And Their Uses

by The Custom Boxes
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Most people picture a massive, brown firearm when you mention shotguns. A trip to the local gun shop will reveal a wide variety of shotguns for sale. 


Shotguns are unique in that they can fire more than one bullet simultaneously. When shooting a single bullet, a shotgun’s smoothbore reduces its accuracy compared to a rifle. 


As a result, using a larger amount and broader distribution of projectiles increases your chances of striking your target. 


Therefore, they can effectively deal with moving, close-up targets. Given its versatility, this firearm is a favorite among many gun owners. 


Once you find the right ammunition, they can help you take down everything from upland birds to massive whitetail deer.  


Here we will go through five kinds of shotguns that you should know. 


  1. Double Barrel Shotgun 

a person using shotgun


A pump action shotgun is comparable to a double barrel shotgun, except that the latter has two barrels and two independent triggers, while the former only has one. The first trigger fires the left barrel, and the second fires the right. Each trigger pull results in twice as many rounds fired. 


Those who want to fire two shots simultaneously should choose a shotgun of this type and the right ammo, like the 17 WSM ammo, because they are best equipped for that purpose. This allows the user to hit two targets simultaneously without switching between the two barrels. 


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The rotating cylinder of a double-barreled shotgun retains all the bullets in position until the weapon is ready to fire. Each time the trigger is pulled, the shell slides from the chamber and into the barrel after shooting. 


  1. Semi-Automatic Shotgun 


Semi-automatic shotguns are by far the most prevalent variety of shotguns. No prior experience or training is necessary to operate one of these weapons effectively. Semi-automatic shotguns reload each round after firing it using the energy saved in the shell case during recoil. 


A magazine that can contain up to 12 cartridges of ammo is loaded with the shells before use. When you press the trigger, the action fires from each chamber in succession until the final shell is empty. When the magazine’s capacity is depleted, the weapon will expel the empty casing and reload a new one. 


The semi-automatic shotgun is exceptionally adaptable and works wonderfully for self-defense and target practice at home. Most of these shotguns these days feature a pistol grip or stock to help the shooter get a better hold. 


  1. Over/Under Shotgun 

a man holding rifle 


Shotguns with an over/under configuration have the barrel positioned above the receiver. The upper barrel is further from the shooter than the lower barrel. 


Shotguns with over/under sights allow the shooter to shoot over or under the desired target. Depending on the user’s option, the shells are positioned either below or above the midline of the barrel. 


It is constructed with the barrel elevated above the receiver. By doing this, the shooter may determine if the shot is traveling low or high without glancing down the barrel. 

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If you’re shooting an over/under shotgun, your eyes should never leave the upper barrel. You might unintentionally fire the bottom barrel first if you glance down at the lower barrel, which could result in severe harm, if not death. 


  1. Bolt Action 


One of the earliest types of guns still manufactured today is the bolt action shotgun. The Civil War era saw the creation of many of these weapons. 


These firearms have a revolving bolt that rotates to and fro within the barrel’s chamber. The rotating bolt forces cartridges through the barrel. After firing the final cartridge from the barrel, the bolt will unlock, and the next round will be able to advance. 


Bolt actions typically require more time to fire than other shotgun types. Unlike semi-automatic and pump-action firearms, they do not reload between rounds. Instead, each shell requires one trigger pull from the user. 


Shotguns with bolt action are very common among athletes and are simple to use and maintain. Additionally, they are more dependable than pump-action weapons due to their bolt-action mechanism. 


  1. Pump Action Shotgun 

shotgun and man 


The pump action model is among the most widely used and reliable shotguns. They can hold a lot of rounds, so you can spend more time taking shots and less reloading. Most of them are also very affordable. The action of these firearms is manually slid or “pumped” to evacuate a spent shell and chamber a new one. These shotguns are dependable, and rarely jam, provided the shooter fully pumps the trigger back. For this reason, they are often used for police enforcement, home protection, and hunting. 

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The drawback associated with pump-action shotguns is that they can only fire at a rate that corresponds to the shooter’s ability to work the action. The result is slightly slower follow-up rounds compared to other types of shotguns, although, in the hands of a skilled shooter, the gun is still capable of firing at high speeds. Like semi-automatic shotguns, this one has a single barrel and a choke.


As can be seen, there are wide distinct varieties of shotguns, each suitable for a specific role within a particular category of activities. The design of each type has both benefits and drawbacks. If you look through this assortment of shotguns with your skillset and desired use in mind, you’re bound to find the ideal one!