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6 Security Cameras Mistakes You Should Avoid

by The Custom Boxes
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If you’re using security cameras to protect your property, it’s important to understand the mistakes you should avoid. These tips are designed to ensure that you are able to get the most out of your system.


If you are installing a home security camera system, you need to be careful about the placement. The wrong placement can compromise your camera’s effectiveness. Ideally, you will want to keep your cameras out of reach.

In addition, you should avoid placing your cameras too high or too low. This can make it difficult to see the camera’s view clearly, and can lead to lens flares.

The best place to put your home security cameras is a vantage point that provides a clear view of the entire area. You can use the same rule of thumb for exterior cameras. They should be positioned at least nine feet off the ground.

When determining the best place for your camera, take into account the sun’s position. During certain times of the day, strong sunlight can blind security cameras. Another consideration is weather. Strong winds can blow branches across a camera. To prevent damage from the wind, consider using a standard connector or weatherproofing materials.

Positioning near head level

One of the more exciting tasks is figuring out where your camera is at any given time. For this task, you can employ a multi-person strategy and get the camera up and running in under 30 seconds. A more constrained solution is to install a camera in the corner of a cupboard. While this may be a bit of a pain, it will reward you with a higher level of fidelity. Moreover, a camera smack dab in the corner of a cabinet is an ideal location for a well-timed smattering of the good stuff. The downside is that it could prove a detriment to your sanity.

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Creating secure passwords

Strong passwords are essential if you want to keep your online accounts secure. You can safeguard your data and avoid suffering financial losses by doing this. These hints can assist you in coming up with strong passwords.

Avoid common info first. For example, your birthday, name, birth date, or phone number should never be used in a password. Rather, you should create a password that contains numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters.

Next, you should use a password manager. These applications are available free of charge and will generate strong passwords for you. They also store your passwords and allow you to login to websites with just a master password.

It is also a good idea to create unique passwords for each account. Additionally, you ought to replace them frequently. By doing this, you can be confident that no one can access your accounts.

Cheap cameras

When purchasing a security camera, you need to make sure you are buying the best device for the job. While a cheap camera might be tempting, it’s not the best choice. Buying the wrong security camera can leave you open to threats, and could be a big mistake in the future.

These include buying a security camera that doesn’t do what you need it to, installing the camera in the wrong location, and not getting the best picture quality.

The camera’s resolution may be mediocre, or it may not have night vision, or it may not have the ability to record motion. If you want the highest quality video, you will have to look for a more expensive model.

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DIY installation

It’s a great idea to install wireless security cameras to keep your house and loved ones safe. But doing so can be challenging. Many people prefer to leave it to professionals .

Whether you’re installing a single camera or a full surveillance system, you’ll need to find a good location. There are several options, from soffits to ceilings. You’ll also need to plan the layout and route for the cables.

If you want to add wireless cameras, you’ll need a dual-band Wi-Fi system. These systems must have sufficient bandwidth to handle the high demands of internet streaming.

You must send cables through your walls to the recording equipment if your security camera is wired. Power-over-Ethernet (POE) technology can also be used to power your cameras. This implies that a separate power adaptor is not required.

Reputable brands

A good security camera system can help protect your home or business. It can also provide evidence of crime activity and help in insurance compensation. There are many brands that offer various features and price points. But if you want to get the best, you should do some research beforehand.

In today’s world, security is important. If you’re thinking of buying a security camera, you should do some research first. That way you can find a company that meets your needs. And if you have any problems, you can ask for help.