7 Cast Members Who Left Perfect Match Season 1 As Enemies



Netflix’s Perfect Match season 1 gathered 23 singles from various reality TV shows, so they could hunt for their perfect matches, but many of the series’ stars became enemies instead. All the featured romances reportedly soured after filming. The first season of the show was filmed in Panama City, and concluded with Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati being voted the house winners. They seemingly fell in love at the end of six weeks of filming. However, all the relationships have since dissolved, and there’s plenty of bad blood among exes, friends, and cast members.

Perfect Match season 1 gathered singles from popular reality TV shows, including Love is Blind, The Circle, Too Hot To Handle, The Mole, and more. Cast members competed to determine who was the most compatible couple, and were then given the ability to bring new singles into the house who could break up existing couples. Whoever didn’t match was eliminated, which led to rivalry to match, or be sent home. Meanwhile, many couples, including Dom and Georgia, split on unhappy terms. Additionally, a lot of drama occurred off-screen and after filming. This has left cast members feuding, and sharing gossip about each other a year later.

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7 Perfect Match: Francesca Farago & Diamond Jack

Francesca Farago and Diamond Jack Perfect Match side by side images

The first season of Perfect Match filmed from February to March 2022. Perfect Match villain, influencer Francesca Farago, had a lot of conflicts on the show, including with a cast member that she wasn’t shown interacting with. Francesca recently sat down to clear the air on her friend and former roommate Violet Benson’s podcast, Almost Adulting. She revealed that, in addition to her obvious enemy Savannah Palacio, the one cast member she wouldn’t want to hang out with in real life is Diamond Jack. “I see maybe a little bit of homophobia in there,” Francesca said about the Love is Blind cast member.

6 Perfect Match’s Bartise Bowden & Ines Tazi

Bartise Bowden & Ines Tazi Perfect Match side by side images

Ines Tazi from The Circle: France walked away with one of the best portrayals during season 1, and Ines is considered a Perfect Match hero. However, she did have issues with Bartise Bowden. When Ines didn’t pick Bartise as her match, he got mad, and took credit for picking up a crying Ines, since he had chosen her as his match the previous night. Ines was later unhappy when Bartise re-entered the house, due to the way he had treated her. “TRUTH!! I felt this way when you stood up to Bartise!,” one commenter wrote to Ines, on a post where the French beauty encouraged women to be assertive.

5 Perfect Match’s Bartise Bowden & Abbey Humphreys

Bartise Bowden & Abby Humphreys Perfect Match side by side images

He was one of the biggest villains on Perfect Match season 1, so it’s not surprising that Bartise angered more than one person. The Perfect Match reality star upset Abbey Humphreys (his match later in the season), by telling her that he would still pick her. Thirty minutes later, he completely changed his mind. Bartise then shocked Abbey by using what she she said against her, after she opened up to him privately. “Thank you for calling bartise out tho. i was exhausted to see u with him haha,” one commenter wrote to Abbey on her recent post. “Bartise is the perfect definition of someone gaslighting,” another fan said.

4 Perfect Match’s Georgia Hassarati & Dom Gabriel

Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel on Perfect Match sitting on couch together

As the winners of Perfect Match season 1, Georgia and Dom were expected to run off into the sunset together. However, they are real people who simply didn’t work out beyond the bubble of the show. Things recently got messy with the exes, when Francesca accused Georgia of cheating on Dom. This led to Georgia responding to Dom, and sharing screenshots, while Dom retaliated with his own. Georgia revealed on The Viall Files that she and Dom are no longer talking. While she maintained that she wishes him the best, and apologizes for lashing out, he still appears sour over their split. She even spilled secrets to Francesca.

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3 Perfect Match’s Kariselle Snow & Joey Sasso

Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso in Perfect Match season 1 celebrating

Though Georgia and Dom won Perfect Match season 1, Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso got engaged on the show. The couple also had the most history, as they had been on-and-off friends with benefits for two years before filming. However, they are no longer together. Francesca shared that Kariselle had a heartbreaking split. Joey essentially ghosted her in the months since filming. Francesca, who is close friends with Kariselle, explained that their relationship completely tanked, and left Kariselle devastated. Rather than plan their wedding, Joey and Kariselle are now messy exes without a future together.

2 Francesca Farago & Georgia Hassarati

Francesca Farago and Georgia Hassarati on Perfect Match side by side images

Francesca lost a friendship on the show, as she and Georgia ended up on sour terms once Georgia got with Francesca’s ex, Dom. “I could just read right through it.” Francesca said on Almost Adulting, meaning that Georgia was the biggest secret game player on the series. She then accused Georgia of dumping Dom for her ex-fiance, Harry Jowsey. Francesca later said that she was now on friendly terms with Dom, though neither of them are close to Georgia. Meanwhile, Georgia revealed on The Viall Files that Francesca set out to get her. She reportedly lied, bullied, and manipulated her from the start, due to a personal vendetta.

1 Perfect Match: Francesca Farago & Savannah Palacio

Francesca Farago and Savannah Palacio Perfect Match side by side images

While Francesca had some drama on Perfect Match, and lost a pal, her biggest feud was with The Circle’s Savannah. Francesca was furious when Savannah talked to her then-match Dom behind her back. She went after Savannah, with the latter woman defending herself. However, Savannah continued to talk about Francesca after filming. It is clear that the two women can’t stand each other. One fan who are currently watching the show was on Savannah‘s side. Savannah and Francesca walked away as the ultimate Perfect Match season 1 rivals and enemies. They’ll probably never make amends.

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