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7 Subscription Boxes To Satisfy Your Snack Cravings

by The Custom Boxes

Refueling is mandatory to keep up with a busy lifestyle. But it can take a lot of work to motivate yourself to grab a healthy snack during an intense work session or task. That is why subscription boxes exist! They make snacking and refueling less hassle by regularly sending snacks directly to your doorstep. 

These packages are essential for everyone. Adventure enthusiasts, workaholics, busy homemakers, and even health-conscious snackers experience the convenience of subscription boxes. You get to save time and money, and the hand-picked products make the whole experience more enjoyable. 

Here are the seven best subscription boxes for those looking to satisfy their snack cravings. 

1. Carnivore Club

Never listen to anyone telling you negative things about meat. How can something so delicious be unhealthy? Research approves lean cuts as a sustainable source of nutrients with proteins, minerals, all vitamins like vitamins C, D, and calories. Only fiber and carbohydrates are missing. But that is not a problem when using it as a snack as you can complete the diet with other meals. 

Carnivore Club brings you a monthly treat of savory gourmet charcuterie snacks, like jerky and salami. Each month, they deliver four to six cured meats of distinctive recipes. And each piece is handcrafted to your taste. Order your snack box subscriptions from various options, including monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. You can reward a friend or family with one box to enjoy the experience with you. 

2. Bokksu

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Do you want to taste something exotic? Bokksu can make it possible. The company offers Japanese snacks and candy subscriptions from various regions in the country. You can discover the authentic flavors of Japan, from Tokyo to Okinawa. Ensure you have something to bite on while at work. The purchase helps their traditions thrive. 

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Your subscription choices are monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. Each higher-order plan gives you more discount per box without compromising quality. Their boxes contain 22 snacks, candy, and tea, curated to match your taste and the season. They also feature a Tasting Guide describing each item and its origin. 

3. Munch Pak

Do you want to try a variety of snacks from different countries? Then MunchPak is your best bet. The company delivers multiple products from across the globe. You will love all treats, including sweet, savory, sour, and salty snacks. You can order your MunchPak package from anywhere in the world. All the orders from the US get free shipping to make your snacking more convenient. 

This option is the best for people who cannot wait to receive their first order. Every weekday, the company ships out orders. You can receive your package on the same day. Customizing your package allows you to choose between five, ten, or 20 snacks. And you would receive some more. You can order yours every month or prepay for three, six, or twelve months. 

4. Universal Yums

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Anything goes, and everything is something! Get to taste snacks from all around the world when you subscribe to Universal Yums. The company sends delicious snacks from various countries, with a different featured country every month. Yummy, right? You will sample flavors from over fifty countries and taste the unique culture.  

The box contains at least a dozen snacks. Your subscription choices are monthly and annual. The cost of each package increases with the increase in the snack count included – Yum, Yum Yum, and Super Yum. You can even order a snack box as a gift for someone special. Including a special message makes it stand out and proclaims your love for the friend. 

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When ordering your first box, it ships immediately. However, you can delay that to the first of the following month, and your billing will renew on the 1st. The featured countries do not repeat. What you get in 2023 is unique from what you might have heard of in 2022 from a friend. The diversity of flavors is enough to make you appreciate the experience more. 

5. Munch Addict

Who said cheap is foul? Munch Addict offers you the best snacks for a reasonable price. The company brings you quality snacks, beverages, and candy from your favorite brands. It is the perfect subscription for large families because the products are enough to keep everyone happy and full. Globally-sourced snacks make the deal more enticing. 

You can order the box with various snacks, candy, and beverages, including burgers, clover chips, and chocolates. Too much to handle? Customize it according to the number of snacks you need. The standard box contains a minimum of five items, and the Motherload box (largest) brings you 60 pieces of snacks. 

Do you love freebies? Receive a free package with up to 50 snacks when you order the Deluxe Munch Box and prepay for three, six, or 12 months. Remember to use the coupon “mystery” when checking out. Gift your family member a one-off box and include a custom message to spell out your love. The multiple choices available on the site make it easy to choose what suits your taste and budget. 

6. Candy Club

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Cookies make you fat, and sugar makes you sick? No! Your body needs sugar to run optimally. It is confirmed that snacking on candy once in a while is healthy. Get your sugar fix from Candy Club, and you will never regret it. The subscription service offers two options – sweet and sour. 

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Candy Club works with bestsellers in the industry, bringing you the best hand-picked and custom-designed candies you can never find in stores. You get a selection of 6-oz chocolates, gummies, and other treats. Your subscription option is only monthly. 

7. Snack Crate

Are you looking for a snack subscription service with a difference? SnackCrate brings you new delicacies from around the world. Get to know new cultures and learn about the food they eat, all while enjoying delicious snacks. You will receive a double snack package for the first month by ordering a six or 12-month subscription. Three box options and a choice of country for the first shipment make it easy to select the package that suits your needs. 

Summing Up

Snacking is an essential part of a diet. You will get the energy boost you need and keep hunger away. The seven snack subscription services above are ideal for those looking for something new and exciting. Most of them allow you to taste something new from a different country each month. Healthy snack boxes are also available for those who focus on fitness and nutrition. Which one will you choose?