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8 Simple Tips For How To Set-Up + Host An Airbnb

by Mark Dylan

Embrace your inner stylist:

To make your listing more eye-catching and memorable for guests, it pays to spend a bit of time on the design and styling of your Airbnb (it’s also the most fun part!).

Airbnb Superhost and winner of the ‘Best Designed Stay’ at the Airbnb Host Awards 2022, Katherine Harris says, ‘Get creative with your space, don’t be afraid to add in unique pieces that make it stand out from the other listings.’

Pinterest is a great place to start brainstorming and collecting ideas. You can also use your location for inspiration.

Katherine says, ‘Guests love the sustainable elements of our property. We have used reclaimed wood, stone from the land the barn sits on to build the fireplace, and we have a solar energy system.’

Whether it’s a humble beach shack, a charming country getaway or a modern city pad, the trick to creating a space that’s full of personality and feels complete is layering. Think, colour (or even subtle colour) on the walls, texture through window furnishings and floor coverings, furniture that feel inviting and generous, and of course, artwork and lighting – the finishing touches that really bring a space to life!

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