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A Guide To Add Divergent Thinking Skills To Your Resume

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Divergent thinking is a process of generating a number of different ideas or solutions to a particular problem. It is a spontaneous process and many ideas can be drawn in a short amount of time. The other name for divergent thinking is lateral thinking, as the name suggests using this thinking technique, the user can draw lateral solutions.

Many of you must be knowing what brainstorming is. Divergent thinking is very similar to that because both concepts aim to give multiple solutions to a problem. Divergent thinking aims in listing creative solutions so that the analysis can be drawn in every dimension possible.

Divergent Thinking Is The Opposite Of Convergent Thinking 

Convergent thinking is a type of thinking which follows a protocol to get a conclusion, it does not diversify thinking capacity in order to get better results. It is restrictive and less effective.

On the other hand, divergent thinking has many pros when compared to convergent thinking. If you want a single best option and don’t want to see the other aspects that can be more creative, you may go with convergent thinking.

In a business problem discussion, people always go with divergent thinking because the problems are real-worldly and open-ended. While practicing divergent thinking, there are always chances of getting good potential answers from every aspect, and these potential answers can add up to the conclusion to get the best outcome. Having divergent thinking as a skill in your resume will always increase your chances of getting selected. 

Have You Ever Thought About Why Recruiters Emphasize This Skill?

Divergent thinking identifies you as a person who can solve problems and implement new innovative ideas. If you have a set of information and a conclusion has to be drawn from that source for a problem, it becomes an example of convergent thinking.

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The other example of convergent thinking is the MCQ-based problems we get in school.

Recruiters want to see your open-minded thoughts on a problem and how far you can get the information from the internet to get a conclusion to that problem is what really matters to the recruiters. And thus, making Divergent thinking skill an important skill to consider while hiring.

Well, you can always try to be creative and confident about the solution you use, which makes your answer more powerful.

What Is The Correct Way Of Adding Divergent Skills To Your Resume?

Adding new skills and showing yourself as a divergent thinker is a skill in itself. Showcasing divergent thinking skills currently can land you a great job. While some do the job themself but another smart option to get this done is to choose a trusted online resume maker.

There are various places and sections where you can add this skill so that they can be added in a more highlighted way. The sections are: 

  1. Skills section (bold it)
  2. Work experiences/ internships
  3. Resume summary 

Try to give examples while mentioning these skills so that confidence is maintained.

Let’s Discuss The Sections

  1. Including divergent thinking skills in your skills section
  • Try to be creative and add more elements to it.
  • Rather than using a divergent thinker as a token, try to add different word sets that can show similar meanings. For example: 
  • Innovative and creative mind
  • Brainstorming skills
  1. Including divergent thinking in your resume summary section (it is better to have this section )

Most recruiters search for a candidate’s summary section in order to get a go-through of what type of candidate you are and what are the expectations. Since this section is so important, adding divergent thinking skills here will help you a lot to showcase your interpersonal skills.

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Always give examples but in this section, try to compress your example into a single sentence with catchy keywords so that the recruiter can find your resume impressive. The skills related to divergent thinking are: 

  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Brainstorming and team player
  • Problem-solver and focused
  • Complexity handler and risk taker
  • Solution-driven 
  1. Including divergent thinking skills in your work experience section 

This is one of the most suitable places for this skill. Other than the candidate’s education and skills, work experience can act as a differentiator for the recruiter to sort the resume applications. Your work experience plays a very important role when applying to any company, so you can place your divergent thinking skills here.

Always remember to modify and set your work experience in the best way possible. Here is an example of how you can add your experience in an effective way:

  • Implemented divergent-based team meetings and developed an analysis system that had the ability to draw multiple solutions and great insight into the problem.


As companies are being selective of their candidates’ skill sets, you should also modify your resume in an attractive way, take advantage and add divergent skills to your portfolio and outshine the other candidates. Add the required keywords in your resume and practice them to feel confident when it comes to face interviews. 

Every skill comes better with practice and this rule applies to non-technical skills as well, and divergent thinking is one example here. Based upon your choice, you can choose the best free online resume builder that can help you to provide templates as per your need and help you with adding divergent thinking skills.

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