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A Handcrafted Home + Bathhouse Turned Accommodation, Liptrap Loft

by Mark Dylan

In the words of accommodation owners Fleur and Mike Leslie, Liptrap Loft is really hard to describe. ‘It is like no other place we have been or seen. It’s somewhat of a paradox with a soft charm and a bold beauty,’ says Fleur. 

The couple came across the hybrid cabin/shack/house in Walkerville, Victoria (located in south west Gippsland, about 80 minutes from Melbourne) back in 2005—years after it was designed and built by hand by architect Jim Commadeur as his personal weekender.

‘Locals who got to know Jim describe him as a pedantic craftsman. They describe him as being vehemently passionate about this plot of land, the design, and each little step of build, which took years,’ says Fleur. 

The main structure is a rustic bedroom and kitchen beneath a soaring triple-peaked ceiling. ‘Almost everything is in one room, which is somehow calming and simple,’ says Fleur. ‘Jim took  ‘open-plan living’ to a new level with the kitchen, bed, lounge room, wood fire heater, and dining room all set in the same space.’

The Japanese-inspired bathhouse is a completely separate structure, accessed from the main house via outdoor walkways. Roll down screens allow the bathroom to be opened up, providing views from the shower and four-person bath with views across the surrounding land. 

Fleur and Mike purchased the property and opened it as the accommodation Liptrap Loft in 2006. ‘We were intoxicated by the one-of-a-kind feel of the place and the little details,’ says Fleur.

The couple have added to the property over the years by enclosing the verandah to make a second bedroom; tiling the bath (a former cattle trough); and adding a laundry and separate toilet. ‘We haven’t done a lot and tried to stick with Jim’s vision and keep the simplicity,’ says Fleur. 

Further renovations designed by Jeanine Gagnon in 2019 scaled the interiors back, allowing the tactility and unique qualities of the recycled materials speak for themselves. ‘She had a really clear vision for the place… She helped us tone down some distracting bright colours so that your eye now goes to the little authentic details like the incredible old school metal windows,’ says Fleur of Jeanine. 

These changes have all culminated in a calmer and more curated space encouraging ‘slow stays.’ 

When visiting Liptrap Loft, Fleur hopes people get in touch with nature as architect Jim Commadeur intended when designing the property. Guests can expect to hear the sound of the rain on the roof; sit underneath the stars; engage with wildlife; and explore nearby bush tracks all in complete privacy on the five acre block.

‘There’s an energy about the place that’s hard to put into words,’ says Fleur. 

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