Aerospace and defense town hall to be held in Garden City



ADDAPT, the Long Island aerospace and defense industry trade group, will be hosting a business development town hall event at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City. 

The event kicks off at 9 a.m. on Friday, March 31. 

U.S. Rep. Nick LaLota, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, will be the keynote speaker. Other speakers at the town hall will include Robert Sopp, executive vice president of AAR Corp. of Garden City; Donna Linke-Klein, senior line director at BAE Systems in Greenlawn; Walker Potts, executive director of the Naval & Maritime Consortium; and Vice Admiral John Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve.  

About 150 members of ADDAPT are expected to attend the event, including representatives of such companies as Blair HSM Magroup USA, AUSCO, All System Aerospace, CPI Aero, and Dayton T. Brown. 

ADDAPT is made up of over 100 companies covering 3 million square feet of industrial space, employing over 10,000 Long Islanders with $3 billion dollars of economic activity, according to an organization statement. 

“I look forward to increasing our voice in Washington, Albany, Long Island, and in the offices of the prime defense and aerospace contractors throughout North America, Asia, and Europe,” John Spezio, chairman of ADDAPT, said in the statement. “Long Island’s aerospace and defense companies can and should be a larger part of the national supply chain.” 

Executives of AAR and BAE will talk about the outlook of national defense and the private aerospace industry and how companies on Long Island are a major supply chain to those industries. 

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“AAR and BAE are large international aerospace and defense designers and manufacturers,” Joe Spinosa, vice president of East West Industries and vice-chair of the ADDAPT board, said in the statement. “They play an integral part in our national defense and employ nearly 1,000 employees here on Long Island.” 



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