All 10 Berserker Boss Battles, Ranked By Difficulty



Berserker fights represent some of the hardest challenges that God of War Ragnarök has to offer, but some Berserker boss battles are harder than others. The God of War series has always offered up unique threats for protagonist Kratos to overcome, and the conclusion to Kratos’s Norse Saga journey is no different. Although Kratos will doubtless continue to face more gods in the future, the Berserker fights currently stand as some of his greatest achievements.

God of War Ragnarök offers many unique challenges in the game and some tough bosses to go up against. While there are various difficult enemies throughout the Nine Realms, some of the hardest the player can face off against are the Berserkers. These ghost-like warriors put Kratos and Freya to the test as they challenge one after another. As optional fights, taking on the difficulty of Berserkers might not be appealing to every player. The in-game rewards for Ragnarok berserker fights aren’t necessarily worth it, but the sense of satisfaction for overcoming these foes could well be.

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10 Harđrefill The Callous

Kratos facing Hardrefill the Callous in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight amid shallow pools of water.

Harđrefill is definitely the easiest of the Berserker boss battles. If players haven’t sought them out on their own yet, this will likely be the first Berserker boss they stumbled upon. Harđrefill doesn’t have anything that’s difficult to read, and most of his attacks can be parried easily.

His own attack is when he jumps in the air and tries to slam down on top of Kratos. This attack seems intimidating, but there is a small green pool that will appear beneath Kratos’s feet that will show where Harđrefill will land. The player won’t need to slow time during Ragnarok’s combat to avoid this, and after dodging, they can dash in to deal damage when Harđrefill lands.

9 Hvítserkr The Bold

Kratos facing Hvitserkr the Bold in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight in a grassy environment.

Hvítserkr is a pretty easy boss to overwhelm and defeat thanks to his smaller health bar. He doesn’t have any impressive attacks outside of poison he’ll occasionally toss at the player, and his most intimidating technique is when he summons several enemies around him.

These enemies are more of a boon than a bad sign as Kratos can kill them to get more health if it’s needed. Otherwise, they should mostly be avoided as Hvítserkr will simply summon more minions as soon as they’re all killed making the battle seem never-ending. But as long as the player is at a good level with some of the best armor and gear in GoW Ragnarok, Hvítserkr should be only a minor concern.

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8 Haklangr The Bearded

Kratos facing Haklangr the Bearded in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight in a rocky dirt environment.

Haklangr has really only one attack that players need to watch out for. Otherwise, he’s a relatively easy boss to overcome as his movements are easy to identify, and Kratos can get the upper hand over all of them with relative ease. However, the one attack to worry about is when he spews out a large green field of poison that can heavily damage the player.

Despite its damage potential, this attack can also be used as the player’s greatest asset. Moments before Haklangr summons the poison, he has a blue circle around him that leaves him open to stunning. Players should charge in as long as they’re close enough and stun him quickly with their shield, then deal him tons of damage.

7 Frækni The Zealous

Kratos facing Fraekni the Zealous in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight in an icy environment.

Frækni the Zealous is a rather straightforward boss with her movements, making her one of the easiest Berserkers to try first, but players have to remain on the offensive to ensure a victory. Dodging her red-circled attacks is critical and leaves her open to numerous free attacks that will bring Kratos closer to triumph.

Her other attacks are relatively easy to parry, but getting too impatient and trying to finish the boss fight too quickly can end in brutal punishment. Occasionally she’ll surprise the player with a brutal red-circled attack that can knock a player back and leave them open to more damage.

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6 Beigađr The Feared

Kratos facing Beigadr the the Feared in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight in a sandy environment.

Beigađr the Feared features one of the more frustrating attacks among Berserkers, using electricity that will constantly shock Kratos. Failing to dodge these can make this a disappointing GoW Ragnarök fight, as players will be forced the player to mash ‘O’ until they’re out of the trap.

These attacks are difficult to avoid and leave the player open to brutal punishment from Beigađr, where avoiding his electricity is essential. This, however, is the worst that Beigađr has to offer, and as long as players can dodge these unpleasant shocks, they shouldn’t find this boss fight too difficult.

5 Skjóthendi The Unerring

Kratos facing Skjothendi the Unerring in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight in an icy environment.

Skjóthendi can easily be many players’ worst nightmares. There are many elemental attacks in the game, but one of the worst to deal with is Bifrost. Unfortunately, Skjóthendi tosses Bifrost around at an insane rate.

These attacks can be difficult to get rid of and deal with. It’s best for players to set up a good GoW Ragnarök defense build and equip any items they have that are Bifrost resistant prior to entering the fight to avoid the headache of numerous replays. Other than this, Skjóthendi is an easy boss to overcome. Defeating Skjóthendi will also give the player the Berserker Gauntlet a piece of the Berserker armor set that is one of the best side quest rewards in GoW Ragnarök.

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4 Hjalti The Stolid

Kratos facing Hjalti the Stolid in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight in a snowy environment.

Hjalti the Stolid can be an absolute menace to deal with. However, she can also be one of the easier Berserker bosses if approached wisely. Players should rely on their shield with this boss fight more than the others. Her attacks are easier to parry than other Berserkers, and she leaves herself open to several stun attacks that Kratos can take advantage of by using a shield ability to bash her.

The player should essentially dodge her red-circled attacks, parry the yellow ones, and stun Hjalti when the circle is blue. The last is the most important as it’s the best opportunity to unleash a barrage of powerful attacks. However, if Hjalti is fairly far away it’s best to just back up and save the attack for next time otherwise her attack will deal a lot of damage.

3 Starólfr The Troublesome And Bödvar The Fierce

Kratos facing Starolfr the Troublesome and Bodvar the Fierce in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight.

Starólfr certainly is troublesome, and with Bödvar at his side, things are even worse. Players should always focus on whichever boss is the most aggressive toward the player. They will switch back and forth but may even work together to cut Kratos down making them a dual challenge.

As long as the player can take at least one of these annoying GoW Ragnarök gods, the other one shouldn’t be as difficult. This is no doubt one of the toughest Berserker boss fights, but if the player approaches it the right way, they can handle this fight relatively easily.

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2 Svipdagr The Cold And Sisters Of Illska

Kratos facing Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight.

The challenge that Svipdagr and the Sisters of Illska offer is on another level. This boss fight is brutal and unforgiving, so the best strategy here is to simply focus on one boss at a time. The Sisters of Illska thankfully share a health bar; however, they can be even more challenging than Svipdagr.

Players should focus on Svipdagr first, as they will constantly keep pressure on Kratos whereas the sisters will switch between Kratos and Freya. After Svipdagr is dealt with, then take care of the sisters, switching back and forth between them. Players should also remember to switch between some of the best weapons in GoW Ragnarök, the Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe, depending on the sister they’re fighting.

1 King Hrólf Kraki

Kratos facing Hrolf Kraki in a God of War: Ragnarök berserker fight in a snowy environment.

King Hrólf is one of the toughest bosses that players can come across. It’s really up in the air whether he or Gná takes the cake as the hardest boss in the game. Hrólf uses a mixture of attacks that the other Berserkers use, so players should try to remember the strategies they used in all the other boss fights and put them into one strategy.

The most difficult part of this boss fight is simply Hrólf’s high defense. It’s difficult to knock down his health bar quickly and deal a lot of damage. If players are struggling too much they should return to the fight later after they’ve upgraded their weapons and armor more. Hrólf might be GoW: Ragnarök‘s greatest optional foe, so players should come fully prepared.

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