Amy Duggar Botox Treatments Highlight Stark Differences from Extreme Relatives



Though a lot of her online activity seems to hint at her ongoing feud with Jim Bob Duggar, Amy Rachelle King — better known as Amy Duggar — has her own life.

Unlike most of her cousins, the way that she lives her life flies in the face of the rules of Jim Bob’s cult.

We don’t just mean front-hugging (the scandal!) or wearing pants (gasp!). Sometimes, it’s living her life like a Bravolebrity instead of … whatever one would call the TLC equivalent.

Amy got some botox treatments. And yes, there are photos.

Amy Rachelle King, better known as Amy Duggar, shared her under-eye botox treatments in her Story posts. Ouch! (Image Credit: Instagram)

“I’m actually afraid of needles,” Amy shared in her Instagram Story alongside a photo of her botox treatment.

“I hype myself up in the car!” she admitted. “But honestly, this didn’t hurt a bit!”

That is good to hear, because it looks more frightening and downright agonizing than any shot in the upper arm could be.

In this Instagram Story, an aesthetician documents the alleged facial transformation that Amy Duggar experienced due to under-eye botox injections. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Before going under the needle for the procedure, meant to make her eyes appear larger (or more open) and reduce wrinkling,

Amy shared that the intention was to get the botox injection directly beneath her eyes — where “bags” might be.

This carefully injected neurotoxin would then paralyze the muscle there, over time reducing movement and thus wrinkles. The goal? In part, to “open up my eyes a little more,” Amy explained.

Amy rings in 2023 with a festive selfie. (Photo via Instgram)

“That was easy!” Amy declared after receiving the botox injection from the aesthetician.

She also shared the company’s before-and-after photos, which did not seem to show any dramatic results to the untrained eye.

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Well, the lighting was slightly different. But the aesthetician assured that Amy will see greater results over time. That is how botox works, generally.

Amy Duggar is not a fan of her cousin Josh. And now, she’s opening up about the ways in which he’s affected her life. (Photo via Instagram)

It sounds like, in addition to concerns about an alleged “line” forming between her brows, Amy may have felt concerned about puffiness.

The beauty center where she underwent treatment suggested the use of a face roller.

These devices often reduce swelling, apparently by draining lymphatic fluid. The center noted that this would make her results “even more perfect.”

Amy Duggar seems happier than ever on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Amy (and only Amy) can properly judge whether the results are what she wanted.

True, no one can view themselves objectively. But hers is also the only opinion that matters.

We hope that she is happy with the results!

Amy Duggar has lost a lot of weight in recent months. And she recently shared her progress with fans on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Beyond that, we cannot help but note how far removed she is from how most of her cousins still live.

Under the rules of Jim Bob and their fundamentalist cult, focusing on their looks is basically a conspiracy to “defraud” men.

Amy is a polarizing figure in her own right, but she is free to live her life in ways that many of her relatives cannot fully imagine.


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