At the Parrish Museum, a ‘reimagined concept’ for its café



This weekend marks the opening of a “reimagined concept” for the Museum Café at Water Mill-based Parrish Art Museum.

Featuring food by Elegant Affairs, the Parrish is unveiling its first artwork created for the space. The site-specific mural, “Griddled Commune” is by collection artist Almond Zigmund, who was raised in Brooklyn.

The mural is a “celebration of social space and community-building,” according to a news release from the museum announcing the new concept. Incorporating the community theme, Elegant Affairs is serving dishes highlighting locally sourced ingredients and goods supporting the region’s growers and producers.

“We are thrilled that these two new projects have come to fruition to celebrate our 125th anniversary year,” Melanie Crader, deputy director of the museum’s Operations & Administration, said in a statement. “They are among the initiatives the Parrish has implemented to enhance the museum experience for our visitors and community.”

“Elegant Affairs believes that a focused, curated, and purposeful café program at the Parrish will greatly enhance the guest experience,” Peter Lentz, general manager of Elegant Affairs, said in a statement. “Our mission is to shine a light on the wonderful variety of local food and beverage ventures and inspire museumgoers to truly appreciate all our region has to offer.”

Zigmund’s artistic practice focuses in part on large-scale site-responsive installations and paintings that combine geometry, vivid color, and aspects of the built environment. In “Gridded Commune,” the artist created a spatial field of dynamic patterns and vibrant color blocks that asserts itself in the space. The large figures, positioned in dialogue with one another, are set against a grey grid—echoing the Museum’s iconic architecture.

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The café will offer fresh sandwiches and baked goods prepared daily, showcasing vendor partners and supporting new businesses by helping to bring their products to market. Vendors include Blue Duck Bakery & Café, The Hampton Grocer, Mecox Dairy Farm, Sag Harbor Honey, Southfork Bakery, Southampton Cheese Shoppe, Springs Fireplace; Channing Daughters Winery, Wolffer Estate Vineyard; Kid Squid Brewery, Springs Brewery, and Westhampton Brewery.

Current menu items include sandwiches and snack packs from Southampton Cheese Shop; fresh baked goods, coffees, and beverages from venders; and snacks from Sand Bars Handcrafted and North Fork Potato Chips. There is no museum admission fee to visit the café, and museum members receive a 10% discount.

Zigmund has exhibited her work in Zurich, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, among others, with public and private installations and commissions for the Parrish Museum of Art, the CMA in New York City, Lisa Perry’s Onna House and other institutions.


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