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Australian Distillery Archie Rose + Edith Rewa’s Beautiful Botanical Collab

by Mark Dylan

Brisbane-based artist Edith Rewa’s appreciation for the native Australian landscape was instilled in her from an early age. She grew up in rural Victoria where she was surrounded by bushland and her parent’s vast native garden. 

This, coupled with her interest in natural history and botany, feeds her design and illustration work, which is an abundance of delicate botanical pieces. ‘My work is grounded in protecting the diversity of Australia’s natural environments,’ she says. 

Edith’s detailed illustrations always start in the field – quite literally – and are then taken back to her studio where she translates them onto her computer to create patterns and compositions, ‘which highlight the plants personalities and best features.’ 

‘I’m always looking for new ways to entwine the worlds of traditional botany with the contemporary art and design space, whilst exhibiting native plantscapes that are under-represented, or unknown,’ she says. 

It’s this passion for botanicals and the natural world that made Edith the perfect collaborator for Archie Rose’s limited edition Tailored Spirits

Each year, in an ongoing effort to champion local Australian artists, the distilling company pairs up with a local creative to design the packaging and labels for their Tailored Spirits – a range that allows customers to hand-pick their favourite botanicals to create a custom-made gin or vodka, and a personalised label. 

‘I was given a list of botanicals that Archie Rose uses in their spirits and I did some research into gin making to decide what native Australian botanicals I wanted to feature,’ explains Edith. 

Her design features classic ingredients such as juniper, ginger, raspberry, cinnamon and coriander seeds alongside native Australian botanicals such as lemon myrtle, Geraldton wax, pepperberry and lemon scented gum, suspended on a black or white background. ‘I wanted to create the sense that the botanicals were floating through the liquid, enabling drinkers to visually connect with the botanicals in their Archie Rose spirit of choice.’ 

Edith’s captivating designs will not only be available on the Archie Rose limited edition Tailored Spirits bottles, but also on the canvas bottle bag (free with any bottle), the Archie Rose gifting box (free with any two bottles purchased) and a limited edition tea towel. 

Shop the Archie Rose x Edith Rewa Limited Edition range online here.

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