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Going plastic-free may seem unattainable presently, but even though we can’t fix the problem instantly, there are lots of methods to help decrease plastic pollution in your house and start making a good influence on our planet.

Use Shampoo Bars Instead – Kushal Dev Rathi

Plastic shampoo bottles are frequently ignored as recyclables. Because we are increasingly focused on recycling products in the kitchen, we are producing a lot of unneeded garbage.

Plastic shampoo bottles are usually always reusable, but make sure they are dry and rinsed and not contaminated with shampoo remnants.

Rather than succumbing to the temptation of neglecting to recycle that bottle, eliminate your plastic waste from the picture. Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly popular, so give them a try.

Use Metal Razors

This is a simple correction using an old-school method. Instead of contributing to plastic garbage, go to a metal razor that will likely last you a lifetime. Yes, buying a sturdy, old-school metal razor is initially pricey, but consider how much you spend on cheap plastic razors that you buy again.

 Deodorant: Rethink It

Recycling deodorant containers can be challenging. It may look like they’re recyclable, but they’re not. In most areas, they aren’t accepted since they often contain a mixture of plastic types. For plastics to be recycled, they need to be mixed with the same type of plastic, so things that can’t be separated on the conveyor belt end up in landfills.

Choose biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable packaging for your deodorant, and make sure the actual deodorant is plastic-free as well.

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 Invest in Wooden Combs

Natural hairbrushes are extremely easy to find at most locations that sell them, so this is such an easy way to reduce plastic waste. Furthermore, wooden combs have a healthy effect on your hair as well as doing something good for the environment. As a bonus, they reduce static when brushing!

Modify your Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual pads are frequently composed of or coated with plastic. They also come in single-serve plastic packaging. Many items have popped up in recent years that can help decrease plastic waste in your menstruation routines, such as period pants, reusable cloth diapers, and tampons.


It is not hard to shift your habits, just think of the environment and begin today.