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Best Tech for Home Organization

by The Custom Boxes
Home Organization

An organized schedule is something everyone wants to have. However, this is easier said than done, especially with the number of gadgets we use. Instead of using these gadgets the way we do, why not use them productively?

That is why we will talk about a few apps to help you organize your daily life better. These tips are useful, so if you follow them, you will have everything in your life organized. It includes everything from your bills to your hobbies!


You might collect your fair share of business receipts from client meetings and travel for business. Shoeboxed, a tool for small business owners, allows you to produce expenditure reports and scan receipts from your phone, digitizing all the information for later use. 

Shoeboxed sells “magic envelopes” that let you mail in paper waste, receipts, and business cards that the company will digitize for you. To save you time during tax season, Shoeboxed generates scanned receipt images that the IRS accepts.


Even tech exists to help you unplug from technology so you can concentrate on what matters. With the aid of the app Forest, you may reduce your phone usage and be present during events like family dinners and conference calls.

Building a grove of trees makes putting down your phone more enjoyable. You first plant a digital seed using the app. The seed will eventually develop into a tree. In other words, the tree will get bigger the longer you refrain from using your phone. The tree withers if you exit the app and use your phone.

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By helping you become more aware of how much time you spend on your phone, this software can help you curb time-wasters and distractions like scrolling around social media.


Another popular software for keeping one’s notes organized is Evernote. Evernote syncs across all your devices, allowing you to do everything from making coffee reservations to taking meeting notes (such as your cell and your laptop). You can save web pages while you are on the go for later viewing using the Web Clipper tool.

The mobile app’s scanning features allow you to organize your collected business cards. You point your camera at the business card, and Evernote will detect the information and automatically insert the contact information into your address book. Even the person’s LinkedIn profile is linked.

These apps have your back when it comes to home organization, all you need is a good internet connection. Spectrum offers excellent internet packages you can consider. The best part is that with Spectrum billing paying your monthly internet bill is incredibly easy. They offer several payment methods making the process incredibly convenient for consumers. For more packages and details visit buytvinternetphone.com


With the help of the app Todoist, you can create tasks quickly and effortlessly, give yourself due dates to keep you on track, and cross things off as you finish them. Additionally, you may keep organized by defining distinct categories for activities, such as “social strategy” or “kitchen renovation,” and sharing assignments with coworkers and friends.

It could be compared to Asana for personal use in project management. Todoist also makes your life more efficient by integrating with so many other applications that you use daily such as Dropbox and Slack.

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Clever Fox

If you like paper calendars, one of my team members finds the Clever Fox planner useful for setting lofty objectives and breaking things down into monthly, weekly, and daily to-dos. You can increase your likelihood of completing the essential tasks by mapping out your big-picture goals and outlining the smaller steps you must take to get there. There is space for you to consider your achievements and the daily routines you want to follow.

Cozi Family Organizer

Most caregiving obligations have traditionally fallen to women, but if you want a dual-income family, it is also necessary to divide home chores equally. In this manner, both partners can prosper at work and at home. There are several apps to help with this.

Cozi Family Organizer is one to consider. It enables you to set up a shared, color-coded family calendar with alerts for reminders, grocery and to-do lists that everyone can see and contribute to, and a recipe box that everyone can access. Recall that collaboration begins at home! The entire family is going to enjoy this app!

Final Thoughts

Organizing the devices in your home and making them worth your time is an absolute game changer. You will have increased productivity without any hindrance in your daily schedule. It is a win-win situation!