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Bruce Weber On Submitting a Photograph For Magazine

by The Custom Boxes
Bruce Weber

Those who want to be into professional photography need as much promotional edge as they can get. Submitting photos to the magazine is one of the ways to get a promotional boost for networking. There is nothing getting featured in a magazine. It does not only help a photographer to get the promotion but also helps in joining the elite group of photographers. However, the challenges of getting featured in a magazine lie in breaking into the magazine industry. If one struggles to get picked by a magazine, one can get in touch with a veteran photographer.

Bruce Weber On Magazine Features

Bruce Weber is a photographer with creative thinking and a passion for photography. Bruce has been featured in various magazines in his career. His photographs are famous for their creative edges. Apart from fashion photography, Bruce has done numerous photo shoots with celebrities. He has been featured in magazines like Vogue.

Bruce is aware of the struggles one goes through to get featured in a magazine. He also knows the struggle of aspiring photographers. To help young photographers Bruce has written a few books. One will find these books online. These give a quick insight into the photography world.

Bruce says everyone needs a little self-gratification. It helps one get motivated to do more. A feature in a magazine can elevate one’s position as a photographer. For this reason, one needs to try to get featured in a magazine. However, the key reason to try to get featured in a magazine is to get exposure in the photography world. Here is a quick guideline to follow if someone wants to get featured in a magazine.

Gather Photos

A large photo collection helps one to build an impressive portfolio. A photographer needs to show exceptional talent to get picked by a magazine. While a portfolio is not everything for a photographer, it is essential to showcase talent. One can try out online platforms to build a portfolio. The magazine industry is searching for the best photographers out there. They want to feature the best to increase their viewer base. For this reason, they look for a vast photo collection. One needs to remember that thousands of photographers are competing for the same photo feature. Therefore, one needs to be careful when picking photos for a portfolio. It needs to stand out. One can pick a theme for the portfolio as well.

Create a Submission Template

A submission template is essential when someone is submitting to a magazine. A magnificent portfolio will not work its magic unless one has an impressive template. The template is a great tool to speed up the photo submission process. From contact number to email address, everything should be included in this template.

One must make the template unique to get the attention of the magazine editors. Bruce says one needs to know which photo to send to which magazine. Different magazines have different requirements.

As per Bruce Weber, one needs to do extensive research before submitting to a magazine. If someone sends a fashion photo to a sports magazine, one will get rejected. So, one must know the genre of a magazine before making any decision.