Chelsea Houska Slammed For “Creepy and Scary” Comments About Daughter Aubree



Chelsea Houska is more popular than ever at the moment.

She still has a massive fanbase from her Teen Mom days, and she recently accumulated a slew of new followers thanks to her wildly popular HGTV series.

Along with husband Cole DeBoer, Chelsea co-hosts Down Home Fab, a series in which the stylish couple take on ambitious redecorating projects for their neighbors in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

If we’ve learned anything from this show, it’s that South Dakota and the DeBoers are both cooler than we thought!

Chelsea Houska is HGTV’s newest breakout star! (Photo via Instagram)

As a result of her show’s overnight success, Chelsea is reaching a wider audience than ever before.

And some comments she made about her eldest daughter in a recent interview have resulted in a surprising amount of criticism.

Chelsea started out by talking about Aubree’s sense of personal style and her admirable confidence.

Chelsea Houska and Aubree Ad
Chelsea Houska is posing here with daughter Aubree in an ad for her eyewear collection. (Photo via Instagram)

“She’s so funny because she used to not care. I would just buy all of her clothes for her. Now, she’s very specific,” said the proud mother of four,” Chelsea told E! News.

“She has a style and I love that she has her own and she’s so confident with the blue hair and then she’s chopped it right off. I want to encourage that, because I don’t know if I was that confident at 13.”

From there, Chelsea opened up about all the adoring comments that Aubree receives from her parents’ fans.

Chelsea & Aubree in 2021
Chelsea Houska recently posted this pic with her eldest daughter. Her response left many fans shocked.

“I have seen comments before where people say, ‘We’re her aunties,’” Houska explained.

“People feel like they did grow up with her. They were there from the moment I gave birth and watched a very personal story. They followed along and they were invested and they cared, which is so heartwarming to me.”

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That was the part that rubbed critics the wrong way, as many came away with the impression that Chelsea is giving strangers too much access to her teenage daughter.

Chelsea, Aubree in 2021
Chelsea Houska has been sharing a lot of photos of her eldest daughter lately. And some fans think the Teen Mom 2 star is sharing too much.

“Im not okay with para social relationships. If someone said my son was their nephew or demanded to see or check on him, Id check that shit immediately,” one commenter wrote on Reddit, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“It would creep me the f–k out if any stranger said they consider themselves related to my children. I share 0 pictures of my kids online. The internet is a super sketchy place,” a second agreed.

“People saying their Aubree’s aunties are creepy,” a third added.

Chelsea Houska has been accused of going under the knife again. Some fans think the former Teen Mom 2 star is “unrecognizable.” (Photo via TikTok)

“It’s gross that literal strangers feel entitled to call themselves auntie or anything to Aubree. That’s not something someone with a sound mind says let alone thinks. Creepy and cringy,” a fourth chimed in.

“That’s not heartwarming to me. It’s creepy and scary,” a fifth opined.

You get the idea.

Chelsea Houska starring in a new HGTV show along with her husband. And fans think all that success has gone to her head…and her face. (Instagram)

Obviously, Chelsea knows better than anyone what level fame her daughter is equipped to deal with — but as this situation demonstrates, the internet is a scary place at any age.

And you never know when the weirdos will come out of the woodwork and go on the attack.


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