Christine Brown Didn’t Tell ANYONE (Except Her Kids) Before Engagement Announcement



Wonderful news! Christine Brown is engaged to her new love, David Woolley.

The Sister Wives star shared this exciting announcement with the world on Thursday, April 13.

Multiple family members have cheered on Christine. Obviously, not quite everyone is in a celebratory mood.

In fact, some key figures in Christine’s life didn’t get any advanced notice. They found out about the engagement just like the rest of us did — from the internet.

Yes, FIANCE! David Woolley has popped the question to Christine Brown and she has said YES.

Janelle Brown publicly congratulated Christine on her engagement news.

And Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn, noted that the two of them are now “literally twinsies.”

Gwendlyn is engaged to Beatriz Queiroz. How many mothers and daughters are engaged at the same time? That’s neat!

In her Story, Gwendlyn Brown celebrated her mother’s engagement, writing “we’re literally twinsies.” (Image Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Janelle reposted Christine’s announcement.

She added a “happy” GIF to cheer on the good news. And she added a simple comment: “Hurray!!!”

Meanwhile, a lot of other people in Christine’s orbit have given off nothing but cricket sounds.

Christine Brown is spending time here with David Woolley and his loved ones, along with her daughters.

An inside source spoke to The US Sun about why there aren’t so many voices cheering with glee over Christine’s relationship milestone.

“Kody and the Sister Wives found out about the news at the same time as everyone else,” the insider claimed.

“I have not heard that she went and personally contacted anybody,” the source then added.

Wrote the star as a caption to this picture: “Weather doesn’t hinder me when it comes to wearing what I want. What I wanted to wear was a light sweater. Comfort is my favorite outfit, well that and powerful. Those are two good outfits.”

“Her kids most likely were the only ones who knew ahead of time,” the insider speculated.

Well, that makes sense. This is obviously more their business than anyone else’s.

The source then commented: “I don’t see her telling anybody about an announcement before she posts.”

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Christine Brown has a big smile on her face in this still image from part three of the Sister Wives tell-all.

“She’s never been that way,” the insider observed.

“She just doesn’t care,” the source characterized. Is that the right way of explaining her choices?

Sounding frustrated, the insider then lamented: “Like, it’s her moment to shine.”

Janelle Brown is no longer tied to Kody Brown. We’re so very proud of the former sister wife!

These days, Christine and Janelle no longer seem to be besties.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t still know and see each other. In fact, they very recently visited in person, in Utah.

However, according to this same inside source, Christine didn’t even tell Janelle during that visit.

We’re up close and rather personal with Christine Brown in this close up of the veteran Sister Wives star.

“She wouldn’t even waste her time telling Janelle,” the insider stated bluntly.

The source explained that this is simply “because Janelle’s not really supportive.”

As we have previously heard, Janelle allegedly worries over how quickly Christine’s romance has progressed and thus does not fully approve.

Way to go, Janelle Brown! The Sister Wives star is getting her work out on here.

“If Christine’s not going to get the reception that she wants from you,” the insider claimed, “she’s definitely not going to let you in her inner circle.”

The decidedly Christine-negative source commented: “That’s how she’s always been.”

Sounding more and more cranky about it, the insider added: “She very much needs the adoration, and very much likes to be at the center of attention.”


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