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Common Issues of Solenoid Valves During Working

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Solenoid Valves

There can be various issues in the working of the solenoid valves. The electromagnetic force is used to operate the solenoid valves in the circuit. The major problem with the proportional solenoid valve is with the coil and the armature. It may possibly the coil is not properly revolving around the armature. This can harm the rotation of the coil and hence the valves would not work properly.

There can be leakage from the joints of the solenoid flow valve. If the proper material is not used to close the joints of the solenoid low control valves. Then it can damage the valves when pressure is exerted on the joints.The dirt particles can also hinder the passage of the  solenoid flow control valve. It can cause the irregular flow of the liquids in the valves and you can’t maintain the proprortinality of the chemical in the reaction.

The common issues in the solenoid air flow control valves are as follows:

The Opening and Closing of Solenoid Valves:

The irregular opening and closing of the solenoid valves may occur due to various conditions like the irregular voltage, or missing equipment, etc. The passage can be blocked by the dust particles tangled in the orifice. This may cause the irregular opening and closing of the valves.

You can examine the functionality of the valves by doing the following checking:

  • Carefully examine the power supply of valves
  • Ensure the compatibility of the solenoid valves
  • The current is propeorly supplied to valves 
  • Lubricate and clear all the dust particles in the orifice.
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Try to enlist the above mentioned examination before istalling the proportional solenoid valve controller in the circuit. If the valves are not properly opening and closing during the reaction, it can damage the quality fo the products.

The Coil Problem of Solenoid Valves:

You may face number of issues to the coiling of the proportional solenoid valve controller. The coil may be partially burnt, melted down or may not be compatible to the power supply. These issues are common due to the short circuit or slow motion of the armature. The other thing when you apply the solenoid valves in the high temperature and pressure.The pressure and temperature beyond their scope and capability can harm the coil and wiring of the valves.

There are certain things to ensure that the coil are properly working.

  • Remove any kind of the moisture in the coil
  • Apply the power(AC/DC) according to the coil
  • Don’t use the valves beyond their scope


The most common reason of burning of the coil of the solenoid valves occur due to high temperature and pressure.When you are installing the proportional solenoid valve controller beyond their scope, it causes coil problem.The winding may burn or melt down due to high pressure and temperature.You need to understand their is a capacity of the each solenoid valves.You need to install according to their scope and capacity, inserting too much pressure on the valves would certainly harm their functionality.