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Daniel Patry Murder: The sad story of Daniel Patry, 16, killing his kid buddy Gabriel Kuhn!

by Mark Dylan

What might have provoked a young man to kill a companion with whom he enjoyed an equivalent side interest – gaming? What’s more significant: cash or young ladies?

This grievous misfortune happened in Brazil in 2007, and it is undeniably a story worth perusing.

The media has reestablished its emphasis on an old homicide case that has aroused the curiosity of web clients. Indeed, we’re discussing a 2007 homicide case including two young people, one of whom passed on. The case has as of late reemerged.


At the point when the matter was exposed online in 2007, individuals were curious about what occurred. The homicide of a 12-year-old youngster by a 16-year-old was stunning and disturbing. This article covers the whole story as well as the children who were involved.

The homicide of Gabriel Kuhn has reemerged in the outcome of the post-mortem discoveries. His life was taken in another murder case. Albeit the homicide happened in 2007, the case is acquiring consideration attributable to different realities. The adolescent was killed at their home, as indicated by sources, and passed on from serious wounds. At that point, the issue drew a ton of public consideration. Dive more deeply into Gabriel Kuhn’s passing.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry’s data was refreshed on March 22nd, 2022: Autopsy Pictures and Story Explained.

As indicated by specialists, Gabriel Kuhn, 12, was killed by Daniel Patry, 16, subsequent to being mishandled and harassed for more than a month. The episode happened in Blumenau, Brazil. The entire undertaking started with a computer game called Tibia.

As per a few records, Daniel killed Gabriel since he needed cash after Gabriel acknowledged cash from him for the game and afterward would not reimburse him.

Daniel had been an imp all through his childhood, and his folks had attempted to convince him to go to mental treatment, yet he denied it.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry


Daniel and his mates Gabriel and Stephen started assuming the web-based part playing game in Tibia. Gabriel, a local kid, become friends with Daniel while they were both playing the game. While playing the Tibia game, Gabriel mentioned Daniel for 20,000 virtual money. Daniel consented to loan him cash relying on the prerequisite that he reimburse it as fast as could be expected.

Meanwhile, Daniel Patry continued to contact his mom to see when she would return. By declining to discount the cash, Gabriel kept him from reaching different individuals from their group.

Daniel dialed his mom’s number to see whether she planned to get back to Nova Trento. His mom was in Nova Trento around 9 p.m. the evening of the episode (TIM).

He then continued to Gabriel’s home and thumped on the entryway, just to think that it is locked. Daniel guaranteed him that everything would be okay assuming he was sorry for him. Since he accepted what he said was valid, Gabriel opened the entryway.

Daniel attacked Gabriel in the wake of going into the house and closing the entryway behind him. He attacked him harshly. From that point onward, he was soaked in blood, and Daniel started to laugh.

At the point when Gabriel took steps to uncover a portion of his privileged bits of information, Daniel turned out to be considerably angrier, so he put a string around Gabriel’s neck.

How Daniel Patry killed Gabriel Kuhn

Patry’s folks were comprehensive of their child’s eruptions and even took him to a specialist, yet he didn’t finish the meeting and pulled out of treatment in the middle. He is frequently rebuffed at school for not going to classes and skipping courses.


He was so dependent on the web-based game Tibia that he would forego school and different exercises to play it. He met Gabriel while playing the game and loaned him 20,000 bucks. He begged Gabriel to repay the cash as fast as could be expected, yet Gabriel rejected it and, surprisingly, impeded him.

Notwithstanding Gabriel’s refusal to answer the entryway, Daniel was enraged and went to his home. Daniel guaranteed Gabriel that he wouldn’t address him once more assuming he was sorry.

Gabriel went into the room and opened the entryway, utilizing Daniel’s language. Daniel went into the room and shut the entryway from within. Gabriel attempted to startle Daniel by taking steps to uncover his home mystery to the general population, however his arrangement misfired, and Daniel became offended and killed Gabriel. This is the finished story of Gabriel Khun’s homicide. Daniel Patry is at present obscure to us.

Where Could Daniel Patry Now be?

At the present, Daniel Patry is supposed to live uninhibitedly.

As per sources, notwithstanding the way that he conceded his misstep mercilessly, he was simply condemned to three years in jail for his horrifying wrongdoing. For his socio-instructive way of behaving, he got a chastening.

He expressed he would complete his retaliation in damnation when the court asked in the event that he had any last comments prior to being condemned to jail. He didn’t feel frustrated about the guardians of a small kid who had died.

The $1.75 in virtual cash was never reimbursed, however, it cost the existence of a little kid.

Daniel Patry Parents and Family

Daniel Patry seems to have perfect and adoring guardians. His folks’ characters, then again, are yet to be distributed via web-based entertainment.

The specialists have not uncovered the culprit’s very own data for different reasons.

Accordingly, there is restricted data with respect to Daniel’s folks.