Design Idea: Unique Light Switches And Covers (Vintage Options Included:))



“Oh no, she’s talking about Paris AGAIN??” Yep! You may remember that I picked up a porcelain and brass vintage light switch at the flea market I went to. I actually only considered it because my dad had already bought a couple for his home and I was admiring them when he showed them to me. Hey, if he can figure it out how to install them then so can I, right? Ha. This could easily be a cool “statement switch” moment (well in the US at least where they’re less common:)). So while a very dreamy goal, I don’t think you need them for every switch in your house. They are perfect in a room with only one switch (duh) or if you’re like me and you have a standard switch in a very prominent area that is begging to be replaced with something special. Playing with small, often overlooked details like these is an easy and (can be) affordable way to quietly make your home feel extra special and carefully considered.

This is my dear ole dad’s powder bath. While not perfectly styled (I sorta surprised him with my photo request), how cute is his little switch? Likely (in the US at least) if you’re not renovating with new drywall and a circular junction box, then you’ll need to come up with some kind of cover to go under your cute little switch. That’s because there’s going to be a rectangular hole that is larger than most of these round switches. My dad clearly used a black metal cover which nicely works with the switch’s black base. Now depending on the size of the switch you might need to DIY the plate a little and make your own holes to attach the plate securely to the wall. This is because the switch might cover the holes you would normally screw your plate into. That’s what those little gold screws are. I, of course, have other “plate plans”.

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Here is my situation if you need a visual refresher. First off, why is there a switch in such an awkward spot?? Especially when I have a switch 6′ away by the doorway that doesn’t even have a function??? Not the point but happy I got that out. Back to problem-solving. In my dreams, I would love to not need a backing plate, but I’m clearly not going to be replacing any drywall or junction boxes. So I am either going to get a round piece of wood to cover the rectangular hole and ideally inset the switch into the wood a little or get a round brass plate like this, make two new holes for securing it into the wall, and call it a day. I think I’m leaving toward the wood:)

Now my dad promises it was easy to install but he’s pretty good with electrical stuff. If you aren’t or don’t have someone in your life who is, hire an electrician, ok?

Imagine how much cuter that’s going to be. Also, this is definitely going to be a “statement switch” since I only bought one. For my other switches, I’ll probably just upgrade the switchplates to brass. However, that’s not what we’re talking about right now. We are talking about cool, unique light switches for YOUR home. “But Jess, this sounds like a cool idea but where can I find these ‘unique light switches’??” Glad you asked…

1. Black Ceramic Dimmer Wall Switch: Vintage-inspired and would look SO cute in a dark bathroom with a moody wallpaper.
2. Switch Plate – Hexagon: Not the most budget-friendly but I love that brass and the unexpected shape!
3. Vintage Ceramic Toggle Switch: This is in the same world as what I think I want to do:)
4. Switch Plate – Circle: Same as #3 but a perfect little circle.
5. Porcelain Wall Switch Mint Fat Button: If you love color and/or have a vintage bathroom this guy would be so cute. It also comes in a bunch of other colors.
6. Vintage Style Ceramic Brass Toggle Switch: So cute, vintage-inspired, and comes in other colors and with a wood plate option too.
7. Period Porcelain Light Switch: Come on! Wildly adorable and great if you aren’t into metallics.
8. 1930s Double Dolly Switch: I will not get over the cuteness. I won’t.
9. Oversized Industrial French Vintage Light Switch: This is a big boy and I love the knurled accent.

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But maybe you aren’t into the round look or want to avoid dealing with a rectangular hole issue. I get both of those arguments. Check these out and also remember to measure to make sure they actually are covering those holes:)

1. Vintage Style Brass Light Toggle Switch Plate: This square is so chic! Get outta there! I wish they were big enough for my other switch holes…is that a real term?
2. Black Stainless Steel Panel Wall Light Toggle Switch: A little more modern but still very special.
3. Retro Brass Toggle 220V Dimmer Electric Wall Switch: I really like this metal color and that there’s a dimmer option.
4. Antique Bronze Dimmer: This is the brand that Emily used all over the mountain house and they are so special in person.
5. Golden Brass Panel Dimmer: Again a little more modern but the brass tone is very pretty.
6. Lewis Single Push-Button Switchplate: This is what Em has all over the farmhouse (in brass) and as you can see in the photo above, they are perfect.
7. High Quality Retro Europe Type Vintage Wall Light Switch Socket: I am very into this wood square look.
8. White Porcelain Single Toggle Switch: Ideal for a bathroom.
9. 1g Toggle Brass: Chic, modern, but still feels very classic.

design by jess bunge | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the feel-good modern romantic bedroom makeover jess did for her dear friend (all thanks to the company store)

Ok, so while switches were the inspiration for this post, changing your outlet covers (even if it’s just the visible ones) is an even easier upgrade to your space. No electrician required;)

1. Zaha Switch Plate: I love almost everything burlwood and these are so sweet.
2. Lewis Single GFCI Switchplate: Classic and high quality! (I know because I’ve seen them in person)
3. Wiggle Switch Plate: Perfect if you’re looking for something fun but not too colorful.
4. Brass Switchplate Cover: I really love this metal finish but it’s definitely pricey.
5. White Marble Switch Wall Plate: I love the idea of this and want to see them in person!
6. Antique Brass 1 Duplex Switch Plate Cover: A great-looking affordable brass option.

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There you have it, choosing a unique switch is such a great way to mix things up *she says to herself, staring at her “new” switch*. Just make sure that whatever you buy works with the electrical in your country and enjoy a whole new light switch experience.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal

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