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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Buñuelos

by Oliver Emma

Buñuelos are a cheesy four-star meal players can cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley using specific ingredients, most of which are bought from Remy.

Buñuelos are new delicacies that players can cook up in Disney Dreamlight Valley using four different ingredients that are all easily sourced and collected. Players are usually introduced to the dish during the A Taste of Home friendship quest for Encanto’s Mirabel Madrigal, but players can still cook it without her help if they’ve got the right ingredients. As a four-star meal, Buñuelos are a great meal to serve to villagers to build up friendships, and players can also take advantage of their high sell value to make some extra Star Coins.


The easiest way to get the recipe for Buñuelos is to bring Mirabel back to Dreamlight Valley and raise her friendship up to Level 4. This unlocks A Taste of Home, a friendship quest where players help Mirabel figure out the ingredients for Buñuelos by getting Ratatouille’s Chef Remy to do an expert taste test on some leftovers. Remy will identify wheat, milk, and eggs. However, he’ll leave players to guess a mysterious fourth ingredient, which turns out to be cheese. After discovering the recipe, players can get them and start cooking.

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How To Get Ingredients For Buñuelos In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Buying Milk, Eggs And Cheese From Chez Remy To Make Buñuelos

Milk, eggs, and cheese are all easy to get as they are used in quite a few recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players can buy them straight off the shelves in Remy’s restaurant Chez Remy using their hard-earned Star Coins. Milk, eggs, and cheese will cost players 230, 220 and 180 Star Coins respectively. Unfortunately, none of these ingredients are cheap, but there’s currently no other way to obtain these items.

Buñuelos sell for 948 Star Coins, so players can make a decent profit by selling them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Farming Wheat With Mirabel To Make Buñuelos

The final ingredient players must get is wheat, which unlike the three other ingredients, must be grown. Players can buy wheat seeds from Goofy’s stall and plant them to start a wheat crop. Farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t take too much effort. Essentially, all players have to do is dig holes to plant seeds and then use the watering can to water their crops. Wheat takes only a minute to grow, so players can easily obtain some to cook Buñuelos whenever they need it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Cooking Buñuelos With Remy

Once players have gathered the ingredients they need, they should head over to the nearest cooking station. At a cooking station players can combine their wheat, milk, eggs, and cheese to cook up this cheesy delicacy for their villagers.

Buñuelos aren’t necessarily the fanciest meal players can cook up in-game, but compared to some of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s best five-star recipes, their ingredients are much easier to find. This makes Buñuelos an ideal quick meal for players to serve to hungry friends.

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