Dodge screams at 215 mph in latest ‘Last Call’ teaser



The teaser campaign for Dodge’s final “Last Call” model is in full swing. The latest video is just as puzzling as the previous installments in the series, but it stars a familiar character and it provides a handful of numbers that could hint at what’s under the upcoming car’s hood.

Called “Scream @ 215 mph,” the 19-second video shows the same evil-looking leprechaun that came to life in the episode published on February 22, 2023. He doesn’t scream, and he doesn’t appear to be going 215 mph. Instead, his eyes are bright yellow as he steps towards a little hand-held module with a fan and six buttons. Someone off-camera enters “105@(3.02×2.98)” before the leprechaun blows onto the fan and the number “1582” appears. Confused? So am I, but Dodge has an illustrious track record of releasing bizarre teaser videos.

First, the numbers. Multiplying 3.02 by 2.98 gives us 8.99, which doesn’t bring us much closer to solving this puzzle. Could that be the car’s quarter-mile time? It’s not impossible, but this car would need some serious muscle to run an 8.99-second quarter-mile. In comparison, the 840-horsepower Challenger Demon ran a 9.65-second quarter-mile. My colleague John Snyder floated an interesting hypothesis: how about an 8.99-second quarter-mile time when burning 105-octane fuel? After all, the Demon was capable of running on 100-plus-octane fuel.

We don’t think either figure corresponds to the car’s 0-60 time. And, as much as we’d like to say that “1582” corresponds to horsepower, that’s unlikely. Snyder guessed that’s airflow at cubic-feet per minute, while Byron Hurd speculated it might be the car’s total boost; 1,582 millibars represents approximately 22.9 pound-force per square inch. One thing that’s seemingly certain is that the engine will rely on forced induction — that’s likely why the leprechaun is blowing on the little fan, and it supports both aforementioned guesses.

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Dodge will unveil the final “Last Call” model in Las Vegas on March 20. Expect to see additional perplexing teasers in the meantime.

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