Does eLearning Close The Gender Gap?



How Does Online Learning Empower Women?

Access to technology has changed our lives in ways we might have considered impossible before. We can now see our loved ones, attend a course, or acquire a degree regardless of our location in the world. However, as another International Women’s Day dawns, we are reminded that their access to the internet and technology is not always a given. As a result, women may find it hard to acquire the necessary skills to break into their desired professional fields. In honor of this special day, this article explores the role online learning plays in closing the gender gap in the workplace.

Importance Of Gender Equality In The Workplace

But first, let’s see why supporting women in earning their rightful place in the modern workplace is essential. Firstly, we create a larger talent pool that makes it easier for businesses to match the right person for the right position. And when businesses include more women in their workforce, they get to assemble teams that offer more perspectives, come up with innovative ideas, and reflect their clientele more effectively. Not to mention that the more diverse and open your work environment is, the more talent you attract and retain, and the better your brand image becomes. As a result, gender equality in the workplace doesn’t only help with the modernization of society but also your organization’s profitability.

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4 Ways eLearning Closes The Gender Gap

1. Providing Flexibility

Some women might take a step back from their education and professional development due to in-house responsibilities, i.e., taking care of their children or other family members. The pandemic exacerbated this situation even more, as it further limited opportunities for social interactions, networking, and development. However, at a time when upskilling and reskilling have become a necessity, online training has become a valuable tool for women. With its inherently flexible nature, eLearning allows women to access courses and build their skillsets anytime and anywhere. In addition, asynchronous or microlearning online training programs make it much easier to combine childcare or professional responsibilities.

2. Developing The Skills Of The Future

Research has shown that the fastest-growing jobs around the world are going to be related to technology. Even traditional professions, such as educators and salespeople, now require digital skills. Therefore, the only way to close the employee gender gap is to increase the presence of women in eLearning platforms. Online learning programs provide courses on skills of the future, such as machine learning, information and communication technology, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Most importantly, online learning can leverage features such as interactive scenarios or simulations to help learners implement their newfound knowledge to solve real-world problems. Hands-on practice guarantees better learning outcomes and helps women easily break into their preferred careers.

3. Creating A Safe Space

Even when they can attend on-site learning programs, some women may not get the same learning experience as their male counterparts. Surveys show that women are more hesitant to ask questions, share their opinions, or participate in group activities. Online learning can overcome this barrier by utilizing features such as online office hours, chat platforms, and online forums. This way, online courses can create a safe space for women to communicate with their instructors, collaborate with their peers, and ultimately achieve better learning outcomes.

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4. Empowering And Cultivating Autonomy

Unhindered access to education contributes significantly to the empowerment of women. This is an issue of global importance, which refers to the sense of being in control of your life, having the ability to make your own choices, and understanding your self-worth as well as the effect you can have on a sociological, economic, and political level. Ensuring that everyone enjoys these basic human rights creates a world with more understanding, collaboration, and in turn, progress and innovation. With its ability to bring education to the furthest corners of the planet, eLearning gives women the tools they need to become autonomous, develop personally and professionally, and discover their purpose in life.


The modern workplace is changing, and to move forward and embrace it, we need collaboration, inclusion, and accessibility. For this reason, on this International Women’s Day, we discussed how one of the most versatile and useful tools of our time, online learning, can facilitate access to knowledge and close the gender gap in the workplace. As more and more women gain the necessary skills to shape their future, the more positive changes we will see in the world around us.


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