Ferrari previews a mysterious new model due out on March 16



Lamborghini isn’t the only Italian supercar manufacturer preparing to unveil a new model. Arch nemesis Ferrari published a brief preview video on its social media channels to announce that an enigmatic new car is scheduled to make its global debut in March 2023.

The 16-second flick asks more questions than it answers. It shows a steering wheel with what looks like leather upholstery on the sides of the rim and carbon fiber trim on the top and bottom parts. The upper part of the rim features a little screen that might display the engine’s revolutions, though keep in mind this is pure speculation. We also see an ignition button and big shift paddles made out of carbon fiber.

At first glance, this looks a lot like the steering wheel that Ferrari puts in the 296 GTB and the 296 GTS. Both cars are already out, however, so there’s no sense in previewing either on social media. Could we be looking at an evolution of the firm’s entry-level model? It’s not unfathomable, but that’s not the only plausible answer. The new Purosangue SUV is equipped with a similar-looking steering wheel. How about the Roma Spider? Our spies spotted it testing at night in September 2022 and the model hasn’t been unveiled yet. They weren’t able to take photos of the interior, but the Roma coupe is yet another Ferrari model whose steering wheel looks like the one shown in the video.

Of course, Ferrari might be giving us a preview of an entirely new model that’s not related to or based on any of the cars in its current line-up. We won’t have to wait long to find out what Ferrari has up its sleeve. It’s planning on unveiling the mysterious car on March 16, 2023.

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