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Fielding is vital for players to succeed in MLB The Show 23. While often considered the third most important element in a baseball game behind hitting and pitching, being effective at fielding will give players a huge advantage in MLB The Show 23. Players can gain an edge when building a team by using the best fielders in MLB The Show 23. There is a stark contrast between stars with bad fielding stats and those with the best, such as Minnesota Twins Byron Buxton, who has the maximum 99 fielding rating, which is huge and can make the difference between winning and losing.


There are a variety of different options for every element of fielding in MLB The Show 23 to allow players to tailor their own experience including fully automated options for beginners or those wishing to focus on batting and fielding. While the different controls can be daunting for those new to the series once players are used to the system it allows you to be in complete control on the field and enjoy a fully realistic experience.

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Never Dropping A Catch

MLB The Show 23 Stadium View from Home Plate After Athlete Gets a Huge Hit

There are two key elements to fielding in MLB The Show 23 with players needing to first focus on catching. There are four different options to choose from when the ball is in the air, with the most popular Drifting Ball and Track Ball.

Drifting Ball provides an exact spot the ball will land, with the zone moving and the controller vibrating once a player is in the right area.

For beginners, using Drifting Ball is the easiest way to tackle catching while still having an impact on the outcome.

Track Ball is a more advanced option that displays a highlighted area that players must stay within to make a catch. Both Drifting Ball and Track Ball are affected by the fielder’s in-game stats and selecting the best players across different positions can make the difference when facing the best hitters in MLB The Show 23.

In addition to the main two options, if players want to give themselves the hardest test possible they can turn the catch indicator off meaning there are no supporting icons displayed on the field when going for the ball. The final option for catching is fully automatic, which while simplifying catching means the stats of the baseball stars being used will more directly affect the outcomes.

Mastering Throwing In MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 Shortstop Throwing Grounder Toward First Base Cinematic Angle After Out has been Declared

While catching itself can be mastered relatively quickly there is more to throwing when in the field which can make the difference in tight matches. There are three main options that players can pick from that covers all fielders from those on bases to ones in the outfield. The most common is for players to use either the main four input buttons or the right analog stick to pick which of the four bases a player throws to.

Of the two the buttons are more automatic and influenced by the stats of the players in use. Each of the four bases is mapped to a certain button regardless of where a player is in relation to its target. Players can choose to use the right analog stick instead of the buttons which provides additional directions but is much more prone to errors.

The third option that provides the best all-around balance is Button Accuracy.

Button Accuracy can take time for beginners to get used to with a steep learning curve, but once mastered can provide a big edge in matches. It requires players to press the relevant button and release it at an exact time indicated by the green bar above a fielder.

If you miss-time the release and it is done in the yellow or red sections of the bar the throw will be off and will likely lead to a mistake. The size and location of the green section of the bar are affected by the fielder’s stats as well as the difficulty and position of the throw. Players can give their stars additional stat boosts by adding the best equipment in MLB The Show 23.

While this can seem like an extra complication Button Accuracy can provide the quickest pickups and most accurate throws in the field making it crucial when looking for wins on the highest difficulty or online.

Like with catching, there is also an auto-throwing option that players new to the series might select when starting out allowing them to concentrate on batting and fielding. This does come with drawbacks, with the AI players producing errors depending on their ratings. If gamers use teams full of players with high fielding ratings, who are less likely to make errors auto throwing becomes an option.

The Small Advantages On The Ballpark

MLB The Show 23 Catcher Getting Ball to Tag Out Runner Who is Safe After Reaching Home Plate

Beyond the initial settings, there are also further options that players can change depending on individual preferences to help with fielding. This includes having separate buttons for Diving and Jumping. Initially, these two options are mapped to the same button, with the game selecting the most appropriate one to use. However, by using individual buttons for these actions players can gain extra control in certain situations.

As with all elements of MLB The Show 23, custom practice is the best way to try out all the different options within fielding. It allows players to practice and see which ones are most effective for them before taking them to the competitive field.

While player selection is always crucial in sports games, it is more important than ever in MLB The Show 23 for fielding. Despite the different settings available to players a lot of fielding is automatically determined during games and this year’s version feels more realistic with more wayward throws. This increases the importance of setting teams up right including using the best first baseman in MLB The Show 23.

While not as crucial as batting or pitching, fielding is a hugely important element in MLB The Show 23. Players can gain an edge by picking options that suit them with something for beginners as well as seasoned veterans. While there is a steep learning curve mastering the advanced techniques in fielding in MLB The Show 23 can make a difference for players on the field.

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