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Final Gear, the “mech & maiden”-themed strategy RPG by KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, has released its latest update which introduces a whole new UR pilot in Ruby – along with her exclusive custom mech: “Mirror Inanis – and the time-limited event: Total war.

Ruby comes with a tragic backstory that involves her twin sister, Maradiz. Born and raised near the Corbero Pit, the sisters suffered a terrible accident where the younger sister, Maradiz, lost her consciousness, while Ruby’s consciousness was forever trapped in Maradiz’s body. Laden with guilt, Ruby is intent on pulling out all the stops to redeem her younger sister.

From December 15th, 2022 to January 12th, 2023, all players will have a higher chance to recruit Ruby and her custom mech “Mirror Inanis” which will also be on sale during the same period for a discounted price. Along with being a strong unit in battle, Ruby’s ability to control black meteorites will make her an especially worthwhile asset to your team.

Besides the addition of Ruby and her mech, the limited-time event, Total War, is also currently underway! The peace between major forces has collapsed and in a bid to reign supreme in the chaos, the forces have crafted their ultimate weapon: The Base. In this new event, players can drive their bases to survey the continent and get exclusive event items including wartime tokens and other upgrade materials, which can be used to significantly enhance your base.

By developing heavy weapons that can be equipped on bases, or setting up designated pilots to the base to activate “pilot bonds”, players can enhance the level of the base’s properties, which will grant players rewards including Crystals, Battle Sequence, and more. Additional rewards are also on offer thanks to Evelyn, who’s prepared tons of bonus rewards for Captains on Final Gear’s official Facebook fan page.

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If you’re yet to play Final Gear, you can find it available to download for free from the App Store or Google Play.


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