Funny Reasons Why Snooki’s Employees Like Working For Her



Jersey Shore‘s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shared the hilarious reasons why her Snooki Shop employees love working for her. Snooki became a household name in 2009 when Jersey Shore changed the world of reality television forever. Within just the first season, Snooki became an instant fan-favorite for her witty yet wild personality. Now, over a decade later, Snooki is married with three kids. However, she still knows how to let loose and have a good time with her roomies.


In the midst of settling down from her once-wild lifestyle, Snooki opened up her own boutique, The Snooki Shop. She opened her first shop in Madison, NJ back in 2018, around the same time she reunited with her cast mates for the spinoff series Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Three years later, Snooki expanded her shop by opening a second location in Beacon, NY. Earlier this year, the business owner returned to where she first found success and opened a third Snooki Shop location in Seaside Heights, NJ, not far from where she once filmed Jersey Shore.

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Why Snooki Shop Employees Love Working For The Jersey Shore Star

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Longtime Jersey Shore viewers can all agree that working for Snooki has to be tons of fun. Now, it has been confirmed by the Jersey Shore breakout star turned icon’s Snooki Shop employees that it truly is the best job. In a hilarious video Snooki shared to TikTok, she asked her employees why they like working for The Snooki Shop in the midst of a party.

The most common response was, “We get drunk together,” or “I like drinking wine.” One woman joked that if she got arrested she would still have a job to which Snooki assured her she would even get her out of jail. Snooki’s best friend, makeup artist, and podcast co-host, Joey Camasta, took the gold for the funniest response, saying, “I like stealing things, drinking on the job, and flirting with the owner’s husband.”

What Else Is Snooki Up To?

In the midst of running three boutique locations as well as being a mom, Snooki still finds the time to film. She and her fellow roomies have wrapped up filming for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 6. The group took multiple short trips together which will all be seen in the upcoming season. Since Snooki’s return to the show after taking some time away, she does not partake in every trip anymore. Therefore, it is unclear which trips Snooki attended for the upcoming new season of the hit show.

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There is no doubt that Snooki lives a busy life each and every day. From running her businesses to being a mom and still finding time to film for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Snooki must never have a dull moment. Despite this, the Jersey Shore star is still able to form personal relationships with her employees, which is why they had such amazing reasoning for loving their job at The Snooki Shop.

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