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Mercedes-Benz, G-Class servicing, the world-famous German automaker, ranks among the top global suppliers of premium and luxury vehicles. Their slogan, ‘The Best or Nothing,’ demonstrates how hard the company works to provide quality and add class to their vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz models G-Class servicing, like any other machine or vehicle, require care and maintenance, which is the focus of this blog.

Stay tuned to learn more about Mercedes-Benz servicing and maintenance!

Upkeep of Your Mercedes-Benz. For many car owners, performing routine maintenance on time without voiding their vehicle’s warranty appears to be a difficult task. The general public believes that Mercedes-Benz maintenance is expensive, especially when it comes to luxury vehicles.

To keep the ‘Luxury Mercedes Benz experience,’ you must maintain your vehicle. However, many people believe that this will cost them more than other brands.

This is due to Mercedes vehicles’ higher initial maintenance costs. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz incorporates advanced technology in all of its products, and all of its car components are of the highest quality.

However, when compared to rival companies’ luxury and premium vehicles, the maintenance and servicing costs are not particularly high.

Mercedes-Benz Service Options:

Mercedes-Benz introduced the Flexible Service System to encourage regular servicing, necessary inspections, and repairs. According to this system, Mercedes-Benz service is divided into two types: service A and service B.

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What exactly is an A G-Class servicing?

Fully synthetic motor oil replacement • Oil filter replacement • Fluid checks and corrections • Tyre inflation check and correction • Brake component inspection

What does a B Service include?

Fully synthetic motor oil replacement • Oil filter replacement • Fluid checks and corrections • Cabin dust/combination filter replacement • Tyre inflation check and correction • Brake component inspection and replacement

In this blog, we will discuss the B service in detail, including what the service entails, when it is to be performed, and how much it is estimated to cost.

We’ve also included links to quality parts and products available on our online store Gargashautothat will assist you in performing both service A and service B on your Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz B Maintenance:

The specifics of the vehicle play a significant role in determining when the Mercedes Benz B service is required.

However, after the first two years or 20,000 miles on most models manufactured after 2009, service B is recommended (whichever comes first). After that, you must regularly take your Mercedes-Benz for service B every two years or 20,000 miles.

If you use your Mercedes Benz in harsh road conditions, in extreme temperatures, or if you have a habit of going heavy on the gas pedal, you should have service B performed more frequently and before it is due.

What Are the Service B Codes?

On some Mercedes models, a subcode, or service code, will appear alongside the Service B on your dashboard. This code denotes an additional service that should be performed in conjunction with the standard components of the G-Class servicing:

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Let’s delve deeper to learn more about B service:

Changing the Mercedes Engine Oil and Filter

Engine Lubricant:

Engine oil is essential to the smooth operation of your vehicle’s engine. It forms a lubricating film between all the mating parts and points of contact in the engine, reducing wear and tear.

It also keeps the temperature in the engine block within the allowable range, which could otherwise rise to thousands of degrees Celsius due to heat generated by engine friction.

Mercedes-Benz recommends that engine oil be changed every 10,000 miles. As a result, your Mercedes’ oil change is due in service B.

You should not, however, stick to this figure or wait for Service B to replace the engine oil. If your car is over a decade old or has more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, you should change the oil more frequently.

To avoid engine damage and costly repairs in the future, change engine oil every 7,000 miles or sooner. While you can simply unscrew the oil drain plug to drain your old oil. We recommend using the advanced vacuum method.

The vacuum method ensures that every last drop of old engine oil is extracted. In this manner, the engine is also cleaned and free of deposits.

Mercedes-Benz recommends fully synthetic engine oils from approved manufacturers such as LIQUI MOLY.

Gargashautooffers a variety of service products, including engine oils from LIQUI MOLY and other reputable brands for your Mercedes Benz. Check it out and get yourself some products to take care of your Mercedes.

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Filter for oil:

Oil filter replacement is another procedure that occurs concurrently with engine oil change. It serves as a barrier against dirt, contaminants, metal shavings, and foreign particles.

Engine oil filters prevent contaminants from entering critical engine components and interfering with their operation. Thus, after a certain amount of time, an oil filter becomes clogged and must be replaced.

Mercedes-Benz recommends that engine oil be changed every 3,500 miles. You can replace an oil filter after a few hundred miles. But don’t go more than 5,000 miles.

As a result, you should replace your oil filter halfway before your next oil change, and at least 4 – 5 times between two consecutive bmw service center.