Genesis Home offers end-to-end guidance on home electrification



Owning an electric vehicle can be challenging for people who don’t have the ability to charge it at home. Even for people who own their homes, upgrading the electrical system and installing a charger can be confusing and expensive. Genesis hopes to make the process a bit easier with its new Genesis Home program, which walks customers through the options for EV charging, solar energy, and home energy storage solutions.

The program provides homeowners with a dedicated adviser to help facilitate the installation of a Home Flex Level 2 Charger, solar panels, and battery storage systems. Customers can choose from a list of pre-vetted installers, and the automaker said its advisers would be available after installation to help configure and troubleshoot the new equipment. The automaker said the program complements its existing partnership with Electrify America, which provides three years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions for new Genesis EV owners.

Though it’s advertised as an end-to-end solution for home electrification, the Genesis program is clearly aimed at bringing EV buyers into the company’s ecosystem. Genesis COO Claudia Marquez said, “Genesis Home provides clients with peace of mind from the knowledge that Genesis has developed a single destination for consumers’ home electrification needs.”

We don’t know how much the program will cost or if there will be discounts for the charger or installation, but the dollar signs can add up quickly with such things. Depending on the home, it can cost upwards of $2,000 or more to install a charger, and that’s before the cost of the charger. The price can climb even higher for people in older homes that require electrical upgrades to support the power output. Solar panels can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the good news is that homeowners can get tax credits to offset some of the cost.

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