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Hillandale Farms – Implications of Sustainability

by The Custom Boxes
Hillandale Farms

A deep connection to land makes Hillandale stand out from the crowd. Amidst the plethora of farms that are working for profit making, Hillandale has ensured a good service to society. It has not made profit-making its first priority. Sustainability is a big thing when it comes to Hillandale. They have ensured good service to society despite their use of technology. This family-owned farm has made sure that each step they take is measured and approved by the regulations.

Hillandale Farms – Inception

Hillandale Farms is founded by Orland Bethel. He started this business from the scratch. Initially, Hillandale started out as an egg reselling farm. With time, the farm expanded its wings. The experts at Hillandale say that the journey has not been easy. Everyone had to work hard to maintain the productivity of the farm. With time Hillandale earned the reputation of being a quality egg production farm. They ensured that the customers got only high-quality eggs. This approach has helped them gain a lot of customers.

Hillandale’s good work has been appreciated by the authority. The farm has received many certificates for its good work. The management of the farm has followed two rules – they banished animal cruelty from the farm and ensured environmental service. Sustainability has given Hillandale its unique reputation of being a great egg production farm.

Later, Hillandale proceeded toward chicken meat production. Despite their business, they have ensured that animal cruelty does not take place. They have offered cage-free life to the hens they raise for laying eggs. The hens Hillandale raises get a free life outside the cage which gives them a good time on the farm.

Hillandale started with the objective of following a strict animal-friendly farm. To maintain this regulation, Hillandale has made sure that each animal available on their farm gets good treatment. Employees who join Hillandale get proper training. It ensures a good farming environment all around.

Hillandale – A Service To Nature

The carbon footprint has created a big worry among nature enthusiasts. Hillandale knows that farming can increase the carbon footprint. They attempt to decrease this problem, they move their farm toward their customers.

Different steps towards sustainability have been taken. Hillandale ensured that the farming procedure uses more solar power and wind. This decreases the pressure on nature. The experts of the farm encourage others to take up the same approach towards nature.

Water treatment is a unique process that Hillandale has established to ensure better service to society. They use less quantity of water to wash eggs. It helps in energy conservation. They have established a smart manner to use water around their farms.

The use of solar power is another step towards sustainability that Hillandale has taken. Solar power is not only useful for farming, but it also decreases electricity use. With so many steps towards nature, Hillandale has succeeded in creating a good reputation and earning many certificates.

Hillandale Farms follows strict family ethics. Nothing has changed since Orland Bethel established his objective of serving society. The management of the farm still follows the same objective.