How HBO’s The Last Of Us Has Put Pressure On God Of War TV Team



The success of HBO’s The Last of Us is putting pressure on Prime Video’s God of War adaptation, admits the game’s director Cory Barlog.

The success of The Last of Us is putting pressure on Prime Video’s God of War, admits Cory Barlog. Based on Naughty Dog’s acclaimed video game, the HBO adaptation premiered in January to widespread acclaim and has expanded its massive audience with each episode. The Last of Us has been touted as the adaptation to finally break the so-called video game curse, setting the bar incredibly high for future video game adaptations, such as Prime Video’s God of War series, which was reported to be in development last year.


As The Last of Us continues making waves with its success, God of War writer Cory Barlog took to Twitter to share his reaction to the acclaimed HBO adaptation.

Barlog called HBO’s The Last of Us everything from “truly amazing, humbling, inspiring, and monumental.” Though he also admitted that its success is putting “no small of amount of pressure” on Prime Video’s God of War adaptation, which Barlog is involved in.

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Can The God of War TV Series Top The Last of Us?

Joel from The Last of Us stood opposite Kratos from God of War.

Currently consisting of nine installments across multiple platforms, the God of War franchise follows the Spartan warrior Kratos on a mission for revenge after he is tricked into killing his family by his master, Ares. The God of War series was reported to be in development at Prime Video last year with The Expanse creators Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins attached. Though there have been few updates on the series, which remains in very early development, since then, there have been a few promising signs.

Just like HBO’s The Last of Us did with Neil Druckmann, Prime Video’s God of War has brought one of the masterminds from the games, Barlog, on board as an executive producer. An Amazon executive has also promised the God of War show is a faithful adaptation, which is the reason why HBO’s The Last of Us has been so successful, though Druckmann and co-creator Craig Mazin have deviated from and expanded upon the source material when beneficial. With HBO’s The Last of Us setting the bar incredibly high, only time will tell if the God of War series can come anywhere close.

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