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As players go through the Dracula’s Castle biome once again in the Return to Castlevania DLC of Dead Cells after the resurrection of the Vampire King, they must beat the mini-boss Medusa to earn to key toward the next biome that hosts Dracula himself. This item, called the Petrified Key, opens the locked door at the end of the biome that leads into the final boss arena known as the Master’s Keep. Unfortunately, Medusa is not only an obstacle that prevents players from reaching the final boss of the DLC but also a difficult challenge that could greatly hinder health or resources before reaching Dracula.


To reach Medusa, players need to first access the portal to Dracula’s Castle by finding Dead Cells‘ Clock Tower biome. Although several paths reach this location, it’s up to the player to take whatever route works best for them. Unlike the first visit to Dracula’s Castle, there will be far more enemies along the path leading to Medusa, with Dracula occasionally attacking the player during regular fights with basic enemies. Players will know they have reached Medusa’s lair when they go to a large chamber to the right of the biome, littered with petrified bodies that look like statues.

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How To Defeat Medusa in Dead Cells’ Return to Castlevania DLC

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC Medusa Mini-Boss Fight in Dracula's Castle (2nd Time) Player Perspective Screenshot

Medusa doesn’t have as many tricks up their sleeve when compared to Death from the Defiled Necropolis, but there are still plenty of attacks for players to watch out for. Akin to the Mama Tick boss from Dead CellsThe Bad Seed DLC, Medusa has strong offensive moves that deal tons of damage when they connect.

Despite the seemingly telegraphed movements of the gorgon, players are recommended to make quick strikes against Medusa and retreat immediately to avoid the enemy’s deceptively fast blows.

Traps and turrets are incredibly useful against Medusa since the mini-boss stays restricted to ground movements throughout the fight. In addition, certain weapons that may be used from the air are incredibly potent, especially when combined with long-range abilities. However, players should be wary of Medusa’s strong petrification stare attack, as its unorthodox start-up may catch players off guard. If this move connects, players are frozen in stone for a time, which Medusa takes advantage of to deliver a devastating combo.

While there are no achievements for killing Medusa, the boss does drop the Medusa Head weapon upon their defeat. The gorgon can also be fought if players have unlocked Richter Belmont in Dead Cells, eventually leading to the Richter Outfit through a special gameplay mode. Once players beat Medusa in the Return to Castlevania DLC of Dead Cells, the way to Dracula becomes clear as they approach the end of this crossover content.

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