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How to choose your hoverboard?

The Hoverboard is a small electric scooter that is popular among kids and teens. The board is about the size of a skateboard and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

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You see more and more people in the street who have a hoverboard and you too would like to climb on one of these machines but you do not know which model to turn to. Because there are a multitude of brands and devices, so difficult to navigate. This article is made for you ! You will discover how to choose your hoverboard according to many criteria and the use you want to make of it.

A hoverboard for daily trips

One of the main strengths of the hoverboard (and what a strength!) is to be able to carry out daily journeys such as going to buy bread, going to work or even going shopping with great comfort and without getting tired! If you intend your hoverboard to make your daily trips, then you will need a model with great autonomy, because you will be using it regularly. You will therefore have to look at the capacity of the battery which is express in mAh and the average range in km observed. It is recommend to take a model with an average autonomy of 20km and a battery with fast charge, so as not to lose too much time in recharging time.


An all-terrain model

But you may also want to take a hoverboard to stretch your legs in the mountains or simply go hiking. And yes, it is even possible to survey beaten earth and other rocky paths with a hoverboard! If this is the use for which you are going to use your machine, then you will have to make sure to choose a model with solid wheels and if possible with an IP 56 standard, that is to say water resistant. 4×4 models are significantly more resistant, whether against shocks or against sharp surfaces. The wheels of these models are very resistant and therefore do not risk puncturing.

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A hoverboard with handlebars or not?

If for you the hoverboard must take precedence over the rest and you want to have perfect control of the directions, know that there are models that are equippe with handlebars. Thanks to the handlebars, you will be able to turn in any direction with disconcerting ease and with better responsiveness than with a model without handlebars. As you have understood, the handlebar provides superior comfort, but it changes the very operation of the hoverboard, which ultimately makes it a device in its own right.

Hoverboards specially adapted for children

Finally, it’s time to talk about a topic that interests many parents, hoverboard models specially designed for children. Because kids love hoverboards! As soon as they see one on the street, they can’t help but ask their parents what this object is and if they can have one too. The children’s models are therefore smaller, go at a reduce speed for safety reasons and can even be equipe with a kick stand. You can complement it with a hoverkart that easily attaches to the device and will give it a second wind. More and more children are asking for a hoverboards for their birthday and for the end of the year celebrations, so now you know how to choose a suitable hoverboard for them.

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