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Challenges have recently been released for the Root of Nightmare Raid in Destiny 2. These are extra components to each encounter that can be completed to earn additional rewards. Guardians should strive to complete each Challenge when available for a better chance to acquire desired loot. This can be done on both difficulties, with Master Root of Nightmares slightly more complicated. The second Challenge to be added, called Crossfire, can be found in the Scission Encounter. While the requirements aren’t necessarily difficult, there are many ways for players to mess up their chances of earning a second reward chest.


For this Root of Nightmares Challenge in Destiny 2, Guardians must only cross to each side of the arena by activating a jump pad. This may be the intended way of moving across the chasm, but other methods are at a player’s disposal.

Both Well-skating and using an Eager’s Edge Sword are two mechanics that Guardians can use to travel far distances in a short amount of time. The Strand Grapple is another method that can be employed to cross these gaps. Players will be disqualified from the Crossfire Challenge if anyone on the Fireteam uses these methods.

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How To Complete The Crossfire Challenge

Destiny 2 Crossfire Challenge Scission Encounter Screenshot

In the Scission encounter, two runners handle the objective, with the other four Fireteam members on add clear. In a visual guide by Dukeiscool on YouTube, he describes the Crossfire Challenge as if there is an invisible wall between each side of the map. If Guardians pass this barrier by any means other than shooting the launch pads, the Challenge fails. Additionally, only players from the opposite side can shoot the nodes. For this reason, it is recommended to use a long-range precision weapon, such as a Scout Rifle. Runners should time their shots so that they can activate each other’s launch pads at the same time. Other members of the Fireteam need to be aware if something goes wrong.

While the Crossfire Challenge in Destiny 2 is not as tough as a Boss encounter in Root of Nightmares, multiple Guardians need to be coordinated to earn the extra rewards. Master difficulty is mostly the same, except for an Anti-Barrier Colossus and an Unstoppable Incendior on the upper floors. However, players should not be discouraged if the Crossfire Challenge takes a few attempts, especially with the inconsistency in the jump pads. Fireteams, with enough perseverance, will get their hands on some exclusive Root of Nightmares Raid gear in Destiny 2.

Source: YouTube/Dukeiscool

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