How To Decorate Your Ceiling Fan In Unique Ways


Air conditioners are good but they don’t compete for ceiling fans. The ceiling fans have their own importance and that is why people are still using them. And not only this, the people are not moving fast. They don’t only decorate walls and floors, but they are taking their time to decorate the ceiling too.

Adding something extra to the ceiling fans is the best way to give a unique touch to the ceiling.

Continue reading and discover fantastic ways to decorate your ceiling fans.

Trendy Lampshade

Putting a lampshade over the light of the fan is the trendiest way to decorate your ceiling fan. Although this might not feel like a trend for everyone but it still is a unique way to make the room stand out from the rest. It will be better if the blades of the fan are decked out. It will help the lampshade to serve as an added bonus. The ceiling fan will draw more attention with the quirky display at the center of the room. You have to ensure that the lampshade is secured tightly so it doesn’t fall off and damage something below.


Chandeliers are always classy and expensive looking and this can give your room a more fascinating look. You can DIY the chandelier at home. Although it will take some of your time and effort, but the result will be astonishing. You can also go for the buying option but it will cost you more. having a personalized chandelier fan as per your choice will make it better. You can also go for something memorable and dazzle up your fan.

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Paint The Blades

If you are looking for a more permanent design then it is better that you go for painting your ceiling fans. Many Ceiling Fan Importers look for fans with design and nice paints. Still, if you don’t find the designs for yourself, there is nothing to worry about. Take the paintbrush in your hand and paint the blades just like you want. Whether you want to go for something funky color-blast or the simple stripped, you can do it. There is also a chance to repaint them when you get bored with the previous one.

Put Mason Jars Over The Light

The mason jars are best if you are looking for something more rustic. It will give a vintage and vibrant look. And not only this, but it will also prevent the jars to go in taste. The best thing is that the jars will give the lights a texture and the light will peer over the jars with more illumination. It will depend on the light of your ceiling fan and the shape and design of the jars – whether they are plain or have design crafted in them.

Bedazzled Or Rhinestones

This is the perfect way to decorate the girl’s room who loves diamonds and glitters. You can spice up the decoration of a room with these fantastic ideas. All you have to do is to stick up the rhinestones or glitters to the blades of the ceiling fans. Add the spark to your room decoration and include the shiny look with the sparkles and gems.

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Make Blades’ Socks

If you want to add creativity to your ceiling fan then making the socks is the best idea. You can craft as many blade socks as you want to and decorate your ceiling fan’s blades. it will be the temporary decoration for the ceiling fan. It will help in protecting the ceiling fan from building dirt along with incorporating the design. You can add the red and white sock on Christmas and an egg pattern sock for easter. It is all up to you how you will design your ceiling fan.

Mirrored Ceiling Fans

The mirror is another best thing to add to your ceiling to add a little touch of fondness. Although there are mirrored fans available. If you want to have DIY mirrored ceiling fans, you can glue the small mirrors to the blades of the ceiling to give it a simple funky touch. The mirror will reflect the floor and that is why it is good to have a nice floor decoration to incorporate with the mirrors.

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