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How to Draw Armor Easily

by The Custom Boxes
Armor Drawing

How to Draw Armor. Knights in shining armor are a staple of many of our favorite classic fairy tales and stories and with good reason.

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They represent adventure, bravery, and chivalry and have cool armor too! Imagining these knights’ fantastical adventures is fun; drawing armor can turn those fantasies into a visual reality.

This walkthrough guide will show you everything you need to do.

How to Draw Armor

Step 1

There are a lot of intricate details on how to draw armor in this guide, so we’re going to take it slowly, step by step, to make sure you stay aware of the situation! We’ll start with the outline of the top of the armor.

The helmet is the best place to start and has a rather unusual design. It has a sharp point leading to a rounded and domed head. This leads to the small, thin shape that makes up the visor.

We’ll be adding more details to the helmet soon, but we’ll continue with the back.

These are drawn with more rounded shapes and lead into the first segments of the arms.

As mentioned, these details might get tricky, so go slow and follow the reference image closely as you draw!

Step 2

In this second part of drawing the armor, you’ll add some detail to the helmet and chest of the armor.

First, add some wavy lines all over the helmet to get some reflection details. Next, use some small rectangular shapes on the visor for the eye holes.

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Next, we’ll use more curved lines on the chest for the armor plates to complete this step.

Step 3

In this part of our armor drawing guide, we will finish the arms and add more details to the chest.

We’ll start with the arms, and you’ll use several curved segments to create the forearms and hands of the arms.

Then you can use more curved lines to add more sections to the waist of the armor to finish off this step nicely.

Step 4

There is a lot to draw in this part of armor drawing, but remember there is no rush so take your time drawing!

First, we draw the sword by the hilt on the knight’s side. This will be drawn with many straight lines, as shown in the reference image.

Then we can start drawing the legs. Several smaller armor plates cover its sides that you can draw with curved, wavy lines.

Then his legs are drawn with different segments, which you also draw with curved and straight lines.

This first leg will then end in the foot, with some segments. Once you’ve seen it in our reference image, the next step is to add some final details!

Step 5

That knight looks great! It will soon be time to add some color, but first, we have some final details to add in this step of our armor drawing guide.

Draw Armor

First, we finish the right leg. This shin and foot look very similar to the ones you drew in the previous step, except they have a slightly different angle.

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This is enough for our editorials, but feel free to add some details if you like!

It could be fun to draw a background for this rider or make a horse for him if you are ambitious.

Step 6

Because armor is made of metal, there are few ways to color this armor design. Thankfully, that’s not necessarily the case!

Armor Drawing

There are many ways you can get creative with your colors for this image. We used shades of gray with a touch of yellow for our image, but feel free to use any of your favorite colors for the details in this design.

You can also add lighter colors to the background or other elements you may have designed for more variation.

You can also experiment with your different artistic tools and mediums to give the colors the vibrancy you want.

Your Armor Drawing is Finished!