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Virtue is used to buy Like a Dragon: Ishin abilities. Some of the best initial purchases will yield even more Virtue when completing side quests.

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Virtue is the currency used to purchase new abilities in Like a Dragon: Ishin. Gaining it quickly can be helpful in unlocking powers like a larger inventory and greater movement speed. The initial acquisition can be slow, at first, but correctly investing Virtue will lead to more down the road.

Virtue isn’t the only means of buying things within the game. Other forms of Like a Dragon: Ishin currency includes Ryo and Mon. Players will be finding both the physical coins and more abstract Virtue typically in tandem.


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Virtue Accumulation Skills

How to Earn Virtue Fast In Like a Dragon: Ishin

Prior to going out and locating ways of earning more Virtue, players will want to spend whatever initial starting amount in order to learn Virtue Gain Increases. These are a total of five separate skills bought from the Virtue Exchange menu. The exact total reward isn’t outright displayed, but gaining all of them can grant up to double the amount of Virtue earned per action. Each has a different cost in Like a Dragon: Ishin, so players should spend as much as can be spared:

  • Virtue Gain Rate One: 1,500 Virtue
  • Virtue Gain Rate Two: 4,000 Virtue
  • Virtue Gain Rate Three: 6,000 Virtue
  • Virtue Gain Rate Four: 9,000 Virtue
  • Virtue Gain Rate Max: 12,000 Virtue

After finishing the first chapter, several side quests will open up allowing more freedom in Like a Dragon: Ishin. This includes the peaceful mode of Another Life as well as roaming in larger parts of the world. Both offer means of gaining extra Virtue, which is further enhanced by the previously mentioned Virtue Gain bonuses.

Another Life Crops

Another Life is a more quiet section of Like a Dragon: Ishin. Players will have access to a garden where they can grow various crops and cook meals. Eating meals at home or at restaurants will give Virtue for trying each new dish once per playthrough.

Excess materials can also be sold to merchants for both Virtue and money. Finally, since crops grow over time, there is no need to wait in the garden – players can go off to another adventure and return to a full harvest bloom.

Substories and Gambling

Like a Dragon Inshin Poker Table

Another major activity for gaining free Virtue is substories, the sidequest plotlines found in the larger Yakuza series. Each of these will yield at least 500 Virtue (plus any bonuses already unlocked). Substory chains typically involve one or more reoccurring Like a Dragon: Ishin characters, which when completed will further raise a player’s relationship with them. When a friendship is maxed out it will grant another 1,500 Virtue. This makes it key to focus on nearby Substories that are in the same area.

Finally, starting in chapter three of Like a Dragon: Ishin a new Chicken Race gambling area will open within Ebisuya. Betting will cost Ryo, but winning will yield Kifuda in-house currency. As with any gambling, there is a major risk of losing everything. But those that win can use said Kifuda to buy pricy items like different types of plates. Selling these plates back to other merchants will also reward heaps of fast Virtue.

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    Like a Dragon: Ishin!


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    For the first time ever, Like a Dragon: Ishin! arrives on western shores in this remake of the original PS3 title. Set in the late Edo period of Japan, Ishin! focuses on Sakamoto Ryoma, a man struggling with his role in society currently being shaken to its core. With his mentor assassinated and a coup d’état currently ongoing between factions, Ryoma blends into the city of Kyoto and joins the controversial Shogunate police known as the Shinsengumi. Players will traverse a fictional Kyoto back in the 1800s as they hack, slash, and shoot their way through strife-filled time as a representation of the real Sakamoto Ryoma, known for leading the revolution against the Shogunate starting its reformation. Like a Dragon: Ishin! will play more like the original Yakuza series games with more weapon-based combat. Ishin! releases on all major platforms on February 21 2023.



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