How to Find Every Finger Location (& What They’re For)



Players need to find the location of five Fingers in Demonologist‘s abandoned house to exorcise a ghost haunting the place, finishing every objective on the map to defeat this supernatural enemy. Given the chaotic nature of this horror game, it can be hard for players to look for these small fingers on such a large map. There are also some tasks that need to be completed before players are even able to start looking for these items in the first place.


Each of the five fingers do not spawn in the abandoned house until players have identified the ghost. No attempts at an exorcism can be made until previous tasks have been finished, although purging the ghost remains optional. Much like the co-op horror gameplay of Phasmophobia, one or more players have the option to simply avoid the supernatural spirit instead of trying to exorcise it. Finding the fingers adds an extra challenge to a typical match and earns players more money than usual for exorcising the ghost.

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How to Find Every Finger Location

Demonologist Player Searching for Items to Aid in Exorcism Using Strange Scanner of Some Sort

Specific Demonologist tools must be found in order to spawn the Fingers into the Abandoned House map, including the Candle, Ecto Glass, and Photo Camera. No matter what type of ghost is haunting the place, these three tools will be necessary to complete the optional objectives that identify the apparition.

Any number of players must get the ghost to blow out a Candle, find the spirit’s silhouette using the Ecto Glass, and take a picture of the ghost using the Photo Camera to activate a possible exorcism mission.

Similar to the ESG Item in Demonologist, these items give players a clue into what ghost they are up against before trying to find the five Fingers. The location of every finger is random, determined by RNG when players search around the Abandoned House. Some good places to look are the rooms on the first floor, on top of chairs and tables, and the upper levels of the building.

How to Perform an Exorcism Using the Fingers

Demonologist Abandoned House Exorcism Using Five Fingers Found on Map

After collecting all five Fingers, players have to head into the basement of the Abandoned House while avoiding the ghost. The exorcism on this map is different from any other location, as players are expected to burn the Fingers to banish the ghost for good in the basement.

Getting rid of the ghost this way gives players a win with far more rewards than normal once they find every Finger location on the Abandoned House map in Demonologist.


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