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How to make a business card stand out from the competition?

by Mark Dylan
How to make a business card stand out from the competition

Why create a business card? To share details about your business with others. To ensure they contact you for work with the details you provide. The second question to think about is why create a unique business card. The answer is to stand out. Any person you share a business card with already has tons of them. If you were in their shoes, what would you do? Toss the less appealing or impressive once in the trash? Right? The same is true for your business card.

If you don’t create a truly impressive business card, it will end up in a trash can. Therefore, work on creating a business card that stands out.

The below tips can help.

Select a unique material.

Traditional business cards use paper. But you don’t have to. Instead, you can choose a unique material for your business cards. For instance, you can go with a digital business card. Digital material has many benefits.

Moreover, you can choose from a wooden business card. Go with metal or even physical business cards. Even choosing paper, go with higher quality paper. The quality should be thicker. Otherwise, the card can break with a single use. Or wrinkle, which doesn’t look good for your business.

Put a twist to the traditional shape.

Since business cards have been circulated, they come rectangular. However, you don’t have to comply with this norm. According to your industry, you can give a twist to the shape of the business card. It helps the card stand out. Most people put the regularly shaped business card in their pockets. They might not even think about it again. However, when the shape is unique, people will look at it twice. For example, a baker can create a business card in the shape of a cookie or muffin. Or a musician can use a guitar-shaped card for marketing. These look good and help you stay different from the people.

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Recheck the size

Going with paper, metal, or wooden business cards? Then look at its size. The usual size of 3.5 * 2 doesn’t work. Why? Because this is not a card that fits into the slots for the card in the wallet. Usually, it is where people keep the business cards they receive. Unfortunately, it wrinkles the paper card, making it less impressive. Therefore, it is best to consider the size better suited for your business card. It doesn’t have to be the one everyone uses. Go with the one that sits well in card slots. It increases the chances of people using your cards more.

Play with color

You don’t always have to use white color as the business card background. Instead, add color to the card. For example, use the color representing your brand. Another idea is to mix and match two-three colored paper for traditional business cards. It makes the sheet thicker and more impressive.

Your logo is the distinct feature that represents your brand. Ensure you always add the logo to your business cards. Create a logo that distinctly resembles your brand. Put it on the upper right side of the card. This way, when you exchange a business card, people will always remember your brand. You can also emboss the logo on the back of the business card. It gives you more space in the front to add details.

Re-check the business card.

Before you finalize the card for printing or sharing in the case of digital cards, re-check it. Check the design, the details, the spelling, and more. It will be a waste of time and money if you print a card only for it to have typos. Re-printing business cards is expensive. Also, the mistakes will be embarrassing if you don’t check and share your digital cards. Also, check whether the details are correct or not. You don’t want to add the wrong information.

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Go with a custom finish.

Want your card to be incredibly impressive? Go with a custom finish, like foil blocking. It is expensive but adds uniqueness to the card.

Business cards are an essential marketing tool. Use it to the tee by investing in a unique, impressive card. Experiment, but don’t make the card complicated. Keep it simple and appealing. Use different materials, keep the data correct, and use soothing but visible fonts.

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