How To Make Whimsical Pie In Dreamlight Valley



The delicious dish called Whimsical Pie can be made in Disney Dreamlight Valley by getting to know Simba and using three essential ingredients.

Cooking Whimsical Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley is easy once all the ingredients are gathered. The Pride of the Valley update brought new recipes and experiences, giving players more adventures to solve and things to create.

However, with new things to discover comes secret recipes requiring different combinations of ingredients one wouldn’t usually find. After making sure players get to know their new Lion King friends, this recipe should be naturally obtainable.


Ingredients Needed For Whimsical Pie

Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Purchasing Milk At Chez Remy Restaurant

Three simple ingredients are needed to make Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Whimsical Pie; two are more common, while the third will take some time to find.

Players will need:

  1. Butter
  2. Wheat
  3. Dreamlight Fruit

Once all three of these ingredients are found, go to the nearest cooking station and use one coal to begin. If Dreamlight Fruit is not found right away, the player must unlock Simba in Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Fruit can be found once a player has reached Friendship Level 7 with Simba. By completing his Level 7 Seed of Memories Quest, players will have full access to this fruit and many other ingredients.

Where To Find Butter & Wheat

Remy Thinking in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Butter and Wheat are essential ingredients to Whimsical Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To find Butter make sure to first have access to Remy from Ratatouille. At Chez Remy’s shop, it can be found and bought for 190 Star Coins. To find Wheat in Disney Dreamlight Valley, be sure to head over to Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow. Because of the commonality of Wheat in the game, players can also grow their own with Wheat Seeds.

How to Complete The Seed of Memories Quest for Dreamlight Fruit

Simba in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The only characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley a player needs to make Whimsical Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley are Remy and Simba. For Dreamlight Fruit specifically, a player must finish the long Seed of Memories Quest. To complete the quest according to ProGameGuides, players will need to complete the below tasks:

  • First, befriend Simba to Level 7, then talk to Scar.
  • Then, go into the Vitalys Mines.
  • Head right until you come to a wall of rocks, interact with it, and then enter a hidden room.
  • Pick up items in the room, exit the mines, and talk to Merlin.
  • Make a Potion of Growth and Potion of Dust.
  • Go back to the room in the Vitalys Mines.
  • Put both potions on the table.
  • Pick up Dreamlight Tree Seed.
  • Return to Simba, then go to the Sunlit Plateau Pond.
  • Plant the Dreamlight Seed and use your Royal Watering Can.
  • Wait three days for it to grow, and then the seeds can be harvested.

Source: ProGameGuides/Dipanjan Dey

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