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How To Make Your Nails Look Beautiful  

by The Custom Boxes

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Just like freshly cut hair, it’s no secret that well-groomed nails can instantly elevate your look and are an essential part of an elegant pulled-together appearance that can benefit you both professionally and in your personal life. 

Do you want to take better care of your nails but need help knowing where to start? With so many myths out there, it can be hard to know what’s true and what’s not, and many take the advice given in nail salons, which may not always have your best interests at heart.  

Everyone yearns for healthy, beautiful nails, whether they are a nail biter or someone who loves to paint their nails and goes for manicures religiously. So read on to discover six tips for achieving beautiful nails.  

Give your Nails a Break 

One of the best things you can do for your nails to make them look as attractive as possible is to take a break from your regular manicures and stop running to the nail polish shop to experiment with the latest colors and formulas. Studies show that those who regularly indulge in professional manicures are more prone to brittle and dry nails thanks to exposure to harsh chemicals and ingredients. Furthermore, going from nail polish to nail polish can weaken the nail’s structure and turn your nails yellow. Instead, give your nails time to repair with a clear strengthening gloss to allow them to rejuvenate. If you really want to paint your nails look for a polish shop that offers polishes to avoid damage and keep your nails strong.

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Use Moisturiser 

Ensuring that your hands are moisturized is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your nails look beautiful. Using a good hand lotion or oil regularly is key – make sure to work it into the nail bed and cuticles to help protect them from any breakage due to a lack of moisture. Washing your hands and using hand sanitizer lotions dry out the skin and nail beds, so make sure to moisturize after every wash. If your nails are prone to breakage, try investing in a good cuticle oil or coconut oil and apply it daily to the cuticle bed to reduce cracking, chipping, or splitting.  

Prioritize your Nail Health 

While you might be a fan of long nails, if they are constantly breaking and cracking, it might be time to reconsider switching things up and opting for a shorter style. Long nails are certainly elegant, but that doesn’t mean that short nails can’t be just as attractive. Prioritize your nail health over aesthetic appearance, and keep your nails short for some time to allow them to grow stronger. A shorter style with rounded or square edges is much easier to manage and keep clean while looking neat and put together. Ensuring that each of your nails is the same length and shape will make it easier for you to take better care of them without missing the extra length.  

Be Gentle 

Your nails are delicate and should be treated with care. Wear rubber or vinyl gloves when cleaning, washing the dishes, or using chemicals to protect your nails from weakening. You should also avoid using metal tools under the nails or using nail tools that are too abrasive, as too much digging can lead to onycholysis, a condition that causes the nail to separate from the skin. 

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Take Care of your Cuticles 

It might be tempting to trim and remove your cuticles while giving yourself a manicure, but leaving them alone will go a long way to having attractive nails. The cuticle seals the area at the base of the nail, protecting you from bacteria that can lead to painful infections, meaning that they shouldn’t be removed and cut. Moisten them and push them back instead with a cuticle pusher and only trim away dead pieces of skin. If you don’t have cuticle oil, dab the cuticles with almond or olive oil before you go to have a manicure. Not only will it hydrate the cuticles, but it will also reduce the chemicals that soak in from the nail polish. 

Reduce Acrylic or Gel Manicures  

As convenient, long-lasting, and beautiful as acrylic or gel manicures are, it’s best to steer clear as they are tough on the nail and can be damaging when overused. Gel manicures need exposure to UV light to set the polish, which can damage the skin below and around the nail, even leading to an increased risk of cancer. To reduce this risk, apply sunscreen with an SPF as you would do to the rest of your body when protecting it from UV rays, or use gloves that expose only the nails to shield the rest of your hand.  


To sum up, taking care of your nail health is the key to beautiful nails and hands. More often than not, brittle nails prone to breakage and splitting result from over-exposure to drying nail products such as gel and acrylic manicures, nail tools, and harsh cleaning chemicals. Giving your nails a break from nail treatments and keeping them moisturized while taking particular care of your cuticles are some of the easiest and most effective ways to get beautiful, strong nails fast.  

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