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How to make your own iron on patches?

make your own iron on patches

by The Custom Boxes

We are living in an era where fashion is heavily inspired by some unique yet vibrant choices of the nineties. If we try to recall the top trends of the ’90s, then patches will easily be at the top of that list. There are several types of patches, but the most convenient one that also offers endless design possibilities is an iron on patch.

DIY crafts and making hand-made artwork is another top trend that is followed by every fashion lover. If you are interested in patches and also like to custom-tailor your own designs, then this blog can be quite helpful for you. We will teach you basic and the most effective tips and tricks to make your own iron on patches.


Top Three Ways To Craft Iron On Patches With Minimal Effort


1)  Making Iron On Patches With Inkjet Printer

The easiest way to create custom iron on patches is through a printer. The first step in every method is to identify the design or artwork that you want to convert into a patch. You can take inspiration from anything but don’t go for something that is too intricate.

Click a clear picture from a phone with a good-quality camera and transfer it to your computer. Resize and reshape it through online photo editing software. Print the image on inkjet transfer paper and get it attached to a thick fabric through an iron. Once the patch is ready, you can peel off the excessive layer and trim the edges.

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2) Create A Patch With Hand Embroidery

This method is only for those people who possess artistic abilities and are familiar with hand embroidery. Embroidery floss and embroidery hoop are the two things that you will require for this method. Sketch the design or artwork on a piece of paper and tape it to the backside of your thick fabric.

Place the fabric in the hoop and start tracing the artwork on the fabric under sunlight or bright light. Pick the threads of your desired colors and start filling the traced design. Tie thread knots and trim the excess threads so that the sticky fuse can easily be applied.


3) Get Your Sewing Machines Ready

If you know how to use a sewing machine to make thread masterpieces, then creating your own custom patches becomes so much easier. The initial sketching step is similar to the hand embroidery. After that, you can use your sewing machine to slowly and precisely make thick lines as per the design.

Use the zigzag stitch to completely trace the design on the fabric. Lift and pivot the needle accordingly and go over your last stitch to finish the artwork. Pull it out, and your embroidered iron on patch is ready. This method is only for those people who are patient enough.


It’s Time To Mount Your Thread Creations!

The guide will stay incomplete if we do not teach you how to mount or apply the patches that you have recently crafted. You just need a peel-and-stick fabric fuse and closely read all the directions mentioned on its packaging.

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Place your patch on the sticky side with the design facing up and firmly press the patch against the fusing material. Make sure that you clear all the air bubbles. Cut out the final design from a fusing sheet and simply iron it onto the garment or accessory of your choice.