How To Unlock Valeria & Alejandro In Warzone 2 Season 3



Two new operators are on their way to Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 in Season 3 for players to unlock, the mysterious Valeria Garza and soldier Alejandro Vargas from Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign. Perhaps the most anticipated operators seen yet, players will no doubt be interested in seeing these two again after the events of their game. With new modes being added to shake things up in Season 3, Alejandro and Valeria will be welcome characters to see in the changing scope of Warzone 2.


As of this time of writing, the Season 3 Battle Pass is set to release on April 12th, 2023 along with other rewards in certain Sector tiers. Different weapons, cosmetics, and other earnings will be available, probably in the same fashion as the ranks and rewards from Warzone 2‘s Season 2 Battle Pass. However, Operators typically are unlocked differently, meaning players will have to acquire Valeria and Alejandro outside just progressing through the Battle Pass.

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How to Unlock the New Operators for Season 3

Modern Warfare 2 Alejandro and Valeria Coming to Warzone 2.0 as New Operators

Players thankfully are able to unlock both Alejandro and Valeria as new Operators simply by purchasing the Season 3 Battle Pass. Either with money or 1,100 CoD Points, the Battle Pass gives players access to many different rewards when purchased. There happen to be far more items for players to collect when buying the Battle Pass that would not have been available through the standard free items offered through normal progression.

Players are able to unlock new Operators Alejandro and Valeria by purchasing the Season 3 Battle Pass for 1,100 CoD Points.

Valeria belongs to the KorTac Faction, a detail that becomes more important as players try to accomplish faction missions during DMZ mode. Similar to how the Legion Faction demands players find the Science Center Dead Drop in Warzone 2, the KorTac Faction will no doubt have many missions for Valeria when she arrives through the Battle Pass. On the other hand, Alejandro is associated with the SpecGru Faction instead.

How to Get Cosmetic Items for Alejandro and Valeria

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Season 3 Promotional Image with Alejandro and Valeria New Operators on Far Right

Other Operators released in the past have come with different cosmetics for players to equip, as those seen on Ronin during Season 2. The best of these items were seen at the end of the Battle Pass, in the Victory Tier as the highest rewards players could get.

Although mostly speculation, it remains likely that any aesthetic changes to Alejandro or Valeria will be part of the ultimate tier of the Battle Pass for Season 3 for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, encouraging players to gain lots of XP once they unlock these Operators.

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