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How to View Instagram Without An Account

by The Custom Boxes

Are you looking to find out how to view Instagram without an account?

This blog will show you step-by-step how to do that.

While you’ll not have access to many handy features, you can still see a profile and watch their Stories if they’ve made their account public.

Ready to learn?

Keep reading. 

In this blog:

How to view Instagram without an account

How to watch Instagram Stories without an account

What you can do without an Instagram account

What you can’t do without an Instagram account

Frequently Asked Questions 

Final Words

How to view Instagram without an account

You can view Instagram profiles and their Stories (we will go through them in the next section) using third-party apps. As mentioned earlier you’ll be able to see profiles that are set to public by the profile owner.

These are online tools that allow you to use the app without having to log in to your account. The profile owner will not know who has viewed their profile. This process is as easy as you can buy Instagram views from a reliable source and boost the growth of your profile. 

Some of the popular Instagram viewer tools are Dumpor, Imginn, Inflact, Gramhir, IGLookup, Watchinsta, InstaDP, Picuki, SmiHub, StoriesDown, Instaxyz, and Fullinsta

While you’re looking to view Insta content without having to create an account, you would be amazed to see how you could use this versatile and engaging social platform to grow and scale your brand and business.

There are many ways to jump-start your Instagram success journey. An increasing number of brands and marketers buy Instagram followers to give their profiles an instant boost and credibility.

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Let’s explore three ways how to view Instagram profiles using Instagram viewer websites.

  • Dumpor

Here’s the simple step-by-step process to view profiles on Instagram without an account using Dumpor;

  • Visit Dumpor.com using your preferred browser on your computer or mobile device,
  • You can type in the username, hashtag, or location into the search bar and click ‘search’,
  • You’ll see results based on your search query. A lot of these accounts will be fan pages created by people other than the person or brand you’re looking for,
  • See through them if you find the real account of the brand or celebrity you are searching for,
  • To filter the results you may click on the Locations and Tags tabs,
  • Now you can scroll the feed of posts, Reels, and Stories of the account,
  • If you like a post or reel, you can simply click on it and then click the download button on the bottom right corner to download that content to your computer.
  •  Imginn

Like Dumpor, Imginn is also an online tool to view Instagram profiles without creating an account on the app. This tool will make your work easy, just like you buy Instagram auto views and they automatically increase on each post.

You may also download posts, Stories, and Reels if you want, using Imginn.

Here’s the simple step-by-step process to view profiles using Imginn;

  • Head over to Imginn.com using the browser of your choice,
  • Type in the person or brand’s name or username of an account (if you know) in the search bar and click the search icon,
  • You’ll see a lot of accounts with usernames and profile pictures. Many of them will be fan pages. Click the one you see belongs to the real person or brand you’re looking for,
  • Inside the profile, you’ll be able to download the Reel or post using the Download button,
  • If you want to view the post or Reel, then simply click on the Play button to watch them in a new tab,
  • You can scroll down to the comments section of a post or Reel to read comments.
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Instagram is a great medium to establish and grow businesses. There are credible sources that allow you to buy Instagram Likes to gain traction and build an audience on the platform. You can even look for the query ‘Is acting a good career?’ and find your answer precisely in short videos. You need to use the right hashtags while searching on Instagram. 

And since any online business is bound to fail without an active and engaged audience, getting likes for your posts and videos is a sure way to become Insta-famous and grow your brand.

How to watch Instagram Stories without an account

Some third-party online tools or websites allow you to watch Instagram Stories of other accounts without having to log in to your own or without creating an account either.

Here’s how to do this step-by-step;

  • Go to StoriesIG.net, 
  • In the search bar, type in the username and click the Double Arrow icon on the right,
  • Make sure to include the right username including special characters if any,
  • You will find the number of Stories that have been published recently,
  • You may watch them and can download them as well by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below each Story.
  • You can also view and download highlights by clicking on the Highlights tab after you’ve searched for the username.

Stories IG is an online tool to view and download Insta Stories to your device. It’s compatible with all operating systems and devices.

What you can do without an Instagram account?

Here are a few things that you can do on Instagram without an account;

  • See relevant accounts to the account you’re currently viewing,
  • Click the links in bios,
  • See the number of posts they posted, number of followers, and number of accounts they’re following, 
  • First few comments on posts, View and download posts,
  • View Insta Reels.
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What you can’t do without an Instagram account

Here are some of the amazing things that you will miss by not creating a personal account on the platform;

  • You can’t comment on the posts and Reels,
  • You are unable to connect with others in your niche,
  • You can’t like image posts and videos,
  • You can’t post your content,
  • You can’t access camera effects and filters,
  • You can’t follow an account,
  •  You can’t zoom in on photos,
  • You can’t view highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are third-party Insta profile viewers safe?

While most of the online tools for viewing Insta profiles are safe if you’re concerned that they could track your information and activity you should not use them. These websites may track your online activity. 

Another precaution is to not click on the display ads on these sites, since we’re never sure if you’re redirected to sites with virus threats.

Can we see everyone’s Stories without an account?

No, you can’t see posts and Stories of every Instagram account. YOu can only see posts from Public accounts. If any account is set to Private, then only its followers will be able to view their posts and videos.

Also, the Close Friends option shows posts of an account to only those people that are selected by the publishers themselves.

Final Words

This blog has covered different ways to view Instagram profiles and Stories without an actual Instagram account.

While you can access limited features and content with third-party websites and tools, it’s a recommended practice to create a personal account on the app and benefit from the complete set of tools and functionalities.

Let us know in the comments section below if you need to know anything else.