Inkas’ armored 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser screams ‘Sicario 3’



Why would you need an “expedition-spec” J76 Toyota Land Cruiser armored enough to repel small-arms fire and hand grenades? Just because. That’s all the reason you need. And Canada’s Inkas is happy to answer that need with this, a 2023 70 Series Land Cruiser, specifically, the J76. It’s “designed to be a reliable bulletproof SUV for various operations,” where “various” definitely means more life-threatening and perhaps more jungle-y than the average trip to The Great Barrier Reef. The armor bits start with BR6-level plating that surrounds the entire passenger cell with ballistic steel at a minimum thickness of 0.3 inches, plus armored skid plating that doubles as a blast shield.

The multi-layer bullet-resistant glass is also rated to deflect rounds like 7.62mm NATO, .223/5.56, and .308. Vital components get their own measures, like the module protecting the battery and engine ECM. The extra weight means detail work like reinforced door hinges, and a high-clearance suspension with uprated coil and leaf springs. Naturally, run-flat tires keep the show moving under fire. All of this will be handy seeing as this J76 wouldn’t be the least bit swift. The 4.5-liter V8 turbodiesel makes 202 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque in standard form to move 4,993 pounds before armoring. Endurance is another matter, the stock truck claimed to go more than 750 miles on a tank of fuel.  

Cameras provide video surveillance inside and outside the vehicle. Specialist equipment like a smart locking system allows the Land Cruiser to serve as a cash transit vehicle — a Brinks truck for the backwoods, as it were.

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The off-roading gear is more four-wheeler than expedition, but the clientele for this rig isn’t likely to hang out in the woods for long stretches of time on purpose, anyway. Up top, there’s an aluminum roof rack, in front, a custom bumper with a winch.

Pricing starts at $180,000 U.S., and each truck takes up to two months to build before special options are figured in. Inkas only uses factory-new Toyotas for the build, but says it can offer the upgrades on any current 70 Series Land Cruiser. 

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